Career Services

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
DiversityINTENTIONAL MARKETING/RECRUITING EFFORTS FOR POSITIONS IN CAREER SERVICESPost on national job boards for professional positions and include points for diversity in the hiring process. Attempt to have ethnically diverse representation on all professional position hiring committees. Market positions through Handshake and minority associations.Student learn about opportunities in Career ServicesPosition postings and marketingWe posted on national job boards for professional positions and included points for diversity in the hiring process. We have attempted to have ethnically diverse representation on all professional positions with our hiring committees. We have marketed positions through Handshake and minority associations.Hiring a new person as the Student Employment Coordinator we will take a fresh look at the Career Readiness Guide and the Skills Survey program to engage more students and supervisors in it's utilization and application.
AccessMarketing: Refer to the Career Services Marking and Public Relations Plan 2020-2021 (detailed by Kylie Harris)1. Market MCN specifically to Peer Mentor group (Jacob), the Trio program (Aaron) and the Wildcat Scholars (Greg). We would like to complete the assessment with the students. Follow-up with CME (Amelia) and Non-Trad (Shari) as they are participants. 2. Increase the amount of virtual opportunities for employers through virtual career fairs, virtual information sessions, virtual tours. 3. Develop a marketing plan to expand awareness and opportunities to minority and diverse groups on campus about internships and REAL Projects. Increase minority group attendance at fairs. 4 Collaborate with Hill Air Force Base, build the website (Greg and project team). 5. Build the REAL Projects Class by getting more students to sign up, getting more employers to submit projects. 6. Develop a marketing plan and info graphics to educate students about the benefits of doing internships earlier and more often during their college career. 7. Continue with the center's marketing plan for Handshake and the services the career center provides. 8. Develop and implement Career Champions in Fall and Spring semester. 9. Market student employment opportunities. Marketing is provided to educate ALL students so they can make better informed career related decisions.Implementation of the goals are measured through Handshake data, IR, and website hits.This year of pandemic altered our approach to marketing our services. Kylie Harris our Marketing and Public Relations specialist converted all of our personal on campus marketing to virtual marketing. (1) We moved the MCN over to a virtual platform and continued to partner with The Student Success Center to do weekly group feedback sessions. The number of student participants was less but we continued to serve the students who were in need. (2) All fairs were moved to Handshake's virtual platform and employers local and national participated. There were less employers because of Covid and therefore less students. We did two new all Hill AFB hiring fairs that were very successful. The first in the Fall was only for WSU students and the Spring fair was for all seven Utah Universities at the request of the Hill recruiters. (3) Efforts were to involve the diversity center in our events and make sure their students were aware of the career mentors program, career cafe and hiring events that were made virtual. Progress was made in diversity involvement and participation. (4) The Hill AFB website was built and will be promoted to students this Fall. (5) With additional marketing and interest, the REAL PROJECTS class was doubled with three classes offered in Fall and Spring semesters. Katie Swainston was trained as the new instructor for the additional section. We now have more employer projects than we have teams to complete. (6) Robert Ameling has developed a web page and additional marketing materials for REAL PROJECTS that helped double the student enrollment. (7) A full year of marketing helped us stay in contact with students and encouraged their participation in their career planning process. (8) Our marketing intern developed and marketed the Career Champions program with kylie's supervision and seven faculty career champions were chosen and honored through a personal presentation with pictures posted and recognition provided in their college and campus wide through the Signpost. (9) Marketing of the student employment program was tailored for both specific and general marketing utilized and with good results. There is much more opportunity with the Career Readiness Guide and Skills Survey that we will take advantage of in the future. Career Services will hire a new Marketing and Public Relations Specialist to bring some fresh eyes and prospective on our really good marketing programs and materials with fresh eyes and a "white board" mentality for possible new and innovative ideas in the upcoming year. We plan on building on our first year with a full time marketing professional with more progress yet to come.
CommunityEmployer Development Outreach1. Develop the pathways program with HAFB, facilitating student employment through internships and direct hires at HAFB. 2. Expand outreach to employers with virtual opportunities. 3. Continue to offer our partners and HAFB the opportunity to attend out EMPLOYER ADVISORY GROUP MEETINGS. 4. Continue implementing mini-events in the colleges.Students learn how to connect to HAFB through the new website and virtual events. Students learn how to connect with employers virtually.Progress made with engaging employers through virtual events and actual hires. Handshake data and website hits.The PATHWAYS program was developed for HAFB in partnership with the Economic Development office of WSU. Two career fair/hiring events were planned end carried out with Hill. Both focused on jobs for engineers and computer science majors and were well attended by recruiters and students. The first fair was for only WSU students and the second fair was for all seven Utah Universities in conjunction with their engineering and computer science colleges. Other mini fairs were held for the Utah Symphony, the Marshalls Service, the School Districts and for our 13 partners. The HAFB recruiter lead, Eric Peterson, was invited to be part of our Employer Advisory Group. Eric was interested but he was promoted and we will talk to his replacement.The PATHWAYS program with HAFB will be improved with an after action report made and applied with the new events during the upcoming year. The events will be preplanned with advance dates set for Fall and Spring semesters. We are working with Handshake to improve the virtual experience for both students and recruiters. We will continue to work closely with the economic development professionals at WSU.
CommunityEXPAND THE STUDENT EMPLOYMENT1. Hire and train new SEC 2. Collaborate with Andrea and Brett on the research project 3. Continue work with IT on the database 4. Manage the 50/50 program.Students learn the 8 NACE competencies and value of student employment.New SEC hired and trained. Number of completed Readiness Guides completed and SkilsSurvey data. Number of 50/50 positions. Database completion rate.A new Student Employment Coordinator was hired and trained and collaborated with Andrea and Brett on the research project. We made progress with IT on the development of the database. Katie Swainston managed the 50/50 program effectively and advanced our data management efforts. The Career Readiness Guide and the Skills Survey were utilized by more students and supervisors than previously. We learned a lot about the power of the virtual platform in serving student's needs and giving them what they want and when they want it. There is additional opportunity in the next year to take what we have learned and to make it work in a hybrid world taking advantage of the best of in person and virtual options. We have to be better at listening to our students and employers and responding to their needs for our services.
LearningEXPAND THE CAREER MENTOR PROGRAM1. Hire and train new career mentors and train Katie Browning as coordinator for the career mentors. 2. Expand the knowledge on best practices and share our best practices with other universities ie. BYU, BYU Idaho and University of Nevada Reno. Career Mentors will increase their knowledge of Career Services resources and expand their mentoring skills. They will help other students that they mentor to learn about Career Services resources and how to utilize virtual tools.Number of Career Mentors in the program (5 is the goal). Completion of training of Career Mentors. Number of students served. (Handshake data).Five Career Mentors were hired by Jacob Wilkey and Katie Browning and they trained them on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing and online professional profiles. The mentors grew professionally by completing the Career Readiness Guide and the NASPA Certified Peer Educator Program. The Career Mentoring team can assist students in our Career Station in-person or virtually through Zoom. The Station is open for drop-in student visits Fall and Spring semesters. Katie Browning was trained as the coordinator for the career mentors and helped supervise and train them. Major additions were made to the training programs transitioning from Trello to Canvas and additional professional development opportunities were made available for our career mentors. Robert Ameling and the REAL PROJECTS TEAM will continue to collect INT information for credit and non-credit internships. We will continue to explore new collection methods and partners to help in the collection process.
LearningExpand our collection of data on INTERNSHIPS COMPLETED. (for credit and not-for-credit internships).1. Collect information from the students who are taking the INT designated classes, and collect information about where they had their internship, if they were paid, etc. 2. Reach out to the Registrar's office to include a question about internships on Graduate Application (or other channels as needed). Students reflect on their College Career and what Internships they completed.Graduate application will have a question and data will be collected and analyzed for effect.Robert Ameling created the INT Attribute through the curriculog and got it approved by the Dean's council, curriculum committee, and faculty senate. The WSU catalog has 275 courses are now labeled with the INT attribute. He also created a module about internship basics and shared it on Canvas Commons with all INT instructors. The module contains the following 9 topics: FLSA, Learning Objectives, Reports and Evaluations, INT Site and Attestation Agreements, Reflection, INT Learning Outcomes and Rubric, Professional Networking, Resumes and Career ePortfolios. An INT survey was developed and distributed in an effort to collect basic information about student internships. At last count we had received 283 responses. We met with the Refistrar's office to include a question on internships in the graduate Application but we were refused the opportunity so Robert created the student survey.We will continue to work on different approaches and to develop new and better ways to survey our students on their internship experiences to help more students find and complete one or more internships during their WSU education. Also, we will expand our efforts to increase the collection of internship quantity and quality of student and employer experiences.
Select ObjectiveEnter a goalEnter means of achieving goalEnter Student Learning OutcomeEnter Methods of AssessmentEnter ResultsWe will continue to seek to understand how we can best reach out to and respond to the needs of all our students and alumni with an emphasis on better serving students and alumni of color and encouraging more individuals of color and with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply for positions in career services and at WSU.
AccessEXPAND OUR VIRTUAL SERVICES!. Resume templates for all colleges/majors. 2. Set up a dedicated interview room for student's use 3. Continue researching to implement a virtual interview platform. 4. Setup our classroom and Career Station to be able to record and broadcast virtual presentations. 5. Collaborate with SA and explore the option of a chat system.Students learn about the available resources virtually through Career Services Designed templates and technology implementation.Resume templates were created and embedded on our web site for all colleges and majors. An interview room was set up for the career mentors use to advise students virtually. The Career Station and the classroom has been setup to be able to record and broadcast virtual presentations. Robert Ameling has been serving on the Student Affairs Committee to explore the option of a chat system.The Career Mentor Program is a "best in class program" and is still getting better. I have encouraged Jacob Wilkey to reach out to other universities and share the success of our programs with others. I have also encouraged Jacob to present at state, regional and national association conferences.