Assessment and Research

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningTrain data analysts.Utilize campus resources (institutional effectiveness, institutional research, SAT). Online Conferences. Online trainings. Enter Student Learning OutcomeData analysts will be have the skills they need to meet the needs of the division. Data analysts will know who to ask if they need help completing a project.Data analysts were trained in the following areas: Data Warehouse Argos Historical Student Affairs Data HEDW Conference Tableau Conference Software implementation Various data projects Enter Use of Result
AccessMove Student Affairs tracking data to the data warehouse.Utilize APIs to move data to the data warehouse. Utilize resources across campus such as SAT technology, Institutional Effectiveness, and Data Warehouse Committee to move student affairs data.Enter Student Learning OutcomeData Analysts will be able to access student affairs data in real time through the data warehouse for the first software systems that are being implemented.Seven student affairs tracking tools were submitted to the data warehouse. 3 of the tools were successfully completed (Qualtrics, Do Sports Easy, Rentmaster, and Starfish updates- Intake Survey and Kiosk Data)Enter Use of Result
CommunityIdentify and prioritize student affairs data projects.Meet with key stakeholders to determine data needs for the division. (Historical data, Cohort data, Student Employment, "Protected" data) Collaborate with Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research to determine processes to meet student affairs data needs.Enter Student Learning OutcomeDeadlines and processes will be determined to meet student affairs needs. Priority data projects will be completed by determined deadlines.Priority Data Projects for 2020-2021 Historical Data- phase one was complete for historical students affairs data Cohort Data- Updates were made to the triennial review process. Analysts will update their process to meet expectations going forward. Residence Software- Set up the Resident Software system for housing and residence lifeEnter Use of Result
LearningImplement a student focus group program available for faculty and staff across campus.Identify Focus group needs across campus. Research best practices utilized by other schools. Utilize resources across campus to implement a focus group program. Provide brief training for student participants on the importance of focus groups and qualitative data. Students will gain a better understanding of how qualitative data is collected. Students will be able to articulate how their voice is used to impact services and processes across campus.Student focus groups will be available for faculty and staff to gain student insight across campus. Students participating in focus groups will complete a short feedback form to demonstrate learning and provide feedback on their learning.The Wildcat Focus Group was created. In Spring 2021 5 focus groups were facilitated. The results were shared with the departments that requested the focus group.Focus Groups will continue in the future. Possibly create a student employment position to manage the focus groups. Collaborate with the communications department to give students the opportunity to facilitate the focus groups.
AccessIncrease Student Affairs engagement with Starfish.Implement Starfish Intake Survey which utilizes student affairs resources to better serve incoming students. Implement the SSMX matrix to inform academic advisors of student affairs resources at the time when students need and request. Continue Pre-reup efforts for students affairs to reach out to students who have not attended. Train student affairs staff on how to access and utilize Starfish to better support and serve students.Enter Student Learning OutcomeStarfish survey will be implemented Spring semester. SSMX Matrix interventions will be available Spring semester. Use pilot pre-reup data to determine if we continue this initiative. The Intake Survey has been created and approved by various stakeholders across campus. The Intake survey was piloted in Spring 2021. 33 students complete the survey. It has been sent out to all newly enrolled students for Summer 2021. SSMX Matrix- waiting for Starfish to make updates to the system before we implement it. PreReup- Student Affaris called over 1,00 pre reup students in the 2020-2021 academic year. Waiting for final enrollment numbers based on phone calls.Enter Use of Result