Diversity and Inclusive Programs

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningIntercultural Welcome Reception1.)Set up an initial meeting with areas and departments that provide services and resources for underrepresented students on campus. 2.) Reserve the Shepherd Union Atrium on a day close to the beginning of the semester. 3.) Set up the atrium as a tabling event with cultural entertainment throughout the day. Underrepresented students will be exposed earlier on to resources and areas that are intentionally created to help them succeed in their academic journey. A qualtrics link will be created with questions of Assesment: 1)How did you hear about this event? 2)What activity did you enjoy the most? 3)What resources do you hope to use after learning about them at this event? 4)What would be the best way to inform you about similar events? Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessEmbrace the #louderandprouder campaign and commit all SIL and WSUSA sponsored events/ opportunities to support the theme of unity.1. WSUSA Student Leaders, with support of SIL Advisors, will visit various academic classrooms to promote and advertise WSUSA events and initiatives, and the #louderandprouder campaign (this will include trainings prior to visits regarding appropriate presentations in classrooms). 2. WSUSA Student Leaders will also reach out to co-curricular areas (club meetings, athletics, etc.) to spread the message of unity and #louderandprouder. 3. SIL will intentionally explore outreach and marketing opportunities that can be done, as a department, to support the #louderandprouder theme (i.e. through large scale departmental programming, etc.).Interpersonal Communication SkillsThrough tracking the number of classrooms WSUSA leaders visit, we will be able estimate the number of WSU students (at large) who have heard the #louderandprouder message and were made aware of WSUSA events. In terms of marketing efforts, SIL will track through Facebook and other social media platforms, how many WSUSA events included the #louderandprouder campaign. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityCreate a diversity structured program at the Residence Halls.Invite the Area Directors of both Wildcat and University Villages to assit in drafting the structure for a student lead program organized and facilitated by the Residential Advisors with the assistance of the DIP Coordinator.Residential Advisors will learn how to program an event, including learning outcomes and assessment and be able to facilitate difficult and critical conversations.At the end of each Chomp and Chat discussion, a survey of two questions will be administered. Residential Advisors that program the events will turn in their program organizing form, created by SIL, that includes a program evaluation question. They will also meet with the DIP Coordinator and their assigned Area Director to evaluate the program.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
LearningIncrease knowledge and leadership development around social justice and diversity-related subjects for the WSUSA Diversity & Unity Board.Students will be given training by staff members from departments on campus doing social justice and diversity work. The will also attend the annual WSU Diversity Conference and the C.O.D.E. Conference hosted by the University of Utah.With mentorship and assistance WSUSA Diversity & Unity Board members will be able to engage in critical and uncomfortable conversations with their knowledge of social justice research and theory. Mid-year and End of the Year evaluations with WSUSA Diversity & Unity Board members. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result