Campus Recreation

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningInvestigate adding Esports to CR programming.Research Esports models at other institutions. Identify how Esports might fit into CR department. Meet w/stakeholders of current Club. Determine type of facilities, programs, supervision needed. Create marketing/recruitment plan.Students participating in Esports are retained and persist to graduation.Esports added to CR Club Sports program. Data tracking on students in Esports Club.Met with stakeholders twice. Created position description for coordinator position. Ultimately it was decided to keep the team and club with Student Affairs Technology.Campus Recreation will work with Student Affairs Technology to continue to support the Esports students however possible.
LearningSolidify process for collecting and reporting data that demonstrate Campus Recreation’s impact on student success.Meet w/Savanna to determine which data sets are available. Develop a plan to gather and report these data over time. Determine resources needed, potential obstacles, etc. Determine time line for implementing the plan.Students learn how participation in CR activities positively impacts their academic success.Plan developed and implemented. Type and amount of data collected and reported on.Data sets have been identified, still working on reliable and clear method of collecting/reporting data. General card swipe data for Wildcat Center and Davis Fitness Center have been put into infographic form and will be shared soon. NASPA Consortium survey cancelled for spring due to financial impact of pandemic.We will continue to gather cohort data and share with Student Affairs and stakeholders. New recreation management software should ease collection/reporting of general card swipe data. NASPA Consortium survey will be conducted at a later date to collect data on how CR programs/services impact student wellbeing and academic success.
OtherImplement CR career ladder.Obtain upper admin/HR approval for Assoc. Dir. positions. Fill Assoc. Dir. positions. Update Marketing position duties. Pro and hourly personnel acclimate to new reporting structure and duties.NAApprovals obtained. Positions updated and filled. Pro and hourly personnel acclimated to new reporting structure and successful in duties.Associate Director positions approved and filled. Marketing Coordinator position updated and implemented. Staff are acclimating well to new duties and reporting structure.Structure is functioning well, and should meet any future growth in the department.
LearningIncrease engagement in CR activities at Davis Campus.Add more one-day IMs events. Add a Davis Race to new Race Series. Work w/Davis Student Managers to identify and implement strategies to engage Davis students. Personal contact w/Davis academic department heads on Fitness Center offerings.Leadership and Management, CommunicationNumber of activities offered and number of participants. SLO Rubric scores.Drop-in strength & cardio decreased 5% from mid-year last year; drop-in group exercise decreased 43% (decline due to systematic approach of canceling classes that did not meet minimum attendance in order to save on budget). IMs had a 22% increase in Kan Jam participation and a 53% decrease in Giant Jenga participation. Student staff Interpersonal Communication rubric scores were 10/12 and Leadership & Management rubric scores were 15.5/20.Fitness participation was down at mid-year and down overall due to COVID-19 closures. We will continue to offer day-of, drop-in IMs events. We will continue to explore creative methods of promoting participation at Davis Campus.
OtherImplement new rec management software.Finalize modules to purchase and breakdown of payment w/Stromberg Complex. Determine implementation timeline. Work w/company on training and implementation.Student employees will learn new system for facility access and management; Critical ThinkingSoftware successfully implemented. Pro and hourly staff operate system successfully.Modules and payment are finalized. Missed Jan. 6 implementation timeline. Member “feed” and integration took longer to be finalized. Pro staff training with company conducted end of May, and implementation should occur in June. We anticipate smoother and more efficient operations with facility access, memberships, equipment checkout, Club Sports and Personal Training operations. If software works as expected, we will consider purchasing the Class Registration module for Group Exercise and Instructional classes.
DiversityPromote adaptive recreation options available through Campus Rec.Identify what we offer currently. Promote via digital and print media. Work with Disability Services to promote. Consider how/what we can expand.Students will be able to articulate adaptive offerings available through Campus Rec; Cultural CompetencySLO Rubric scores and survey questions.Reached out to Disabilities Services office for general demographics in order to best focus our efforts. Working with Utah Special Olympics (UTSO) on Unified Sports basketball team; no formal Unified Team, but UTSO playing in arena on Saturdays. Communicated with wheelchair basketball Wheeling Jazz (adult team) and Utah Rush (youth team) about tournament in January, but couldn’t secure space; we have scheduled a tournament in the Wildcat Arena for Nov. 2020. Worked with Ogden Valley Adaptive on a survey to gather info for Ogden, and adapt it for and share with our WSU adaptive constituents, but did not implement.Many contacts were made, yet turnover in Marketing position kept us from promoting aggressively. With foundation made this year, we will be able to better promote next year.
OtherFill vacant OP and Marketing Coordinator positionsDetermine screening committee. Post position. Facilitate search and hire process. Set up new hire with prox Wildcard, keys, parking pass, computer access, phone access, etc. New hire attends university, division, department, and program orientation meetings. Set up meetings w/position stake holders. Meet regularly w/supervisor on position expectations and duties.Students serving on screening committee gain understanding of interview skills and process.Students articulate what they have gained by being involved with search. New hires perform job duties to expectation.Outdoor Program Coordinator Hayley Prine started with Campus Rec 8/19/19. Marketing Coordinator Sarah MacKay started with Campus Rec 10/14/19. Both employees are acclimating well to their position duties.Students noted the importance of a solid cover letter and resume, and that those candidates who did their research were able to answer questions better. “I…gained a lot of confidence in myself by being a part of the search committee because I feel that I understand the hiring process better”. We will continue to have students serve on department screening committees.