Supplemental Instruction

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Select ObjectiveImplement TutorTrac and collect data relevant to the goals of all tutoring programs.Work with the Executive Director, Carl Porter, to acquire the software and train staff to enter data.NAImplementation of software program Collection of data.TutorTrac software has been purchased but has not been installed yet.SI Program will be able to gather data more efficiently and will data such as student grades can be gathered for analysis and decision making.
Select ObjectiveBased on Hobson's Analytics, provide SI for other classes that are considered high risk.Work with the Director and Coordinator of Assessment to get a list of high risk classes, meet with the professors of such classes, and set up SI with for Spring of this year or Fall of the following year.Students of identified classes will learn the course material more effectively. They will improve their affective skills as well.The number of classes that are added to the list of classes that already receive SI. Grades of students in classes that will receive SI. Survey completed by participants of SI sessions.This goal has not been met. SI is being offered for what are perceived as high risk classes.Work with the assessment Director to obtain data from Starfish on which classes need SI.
Select ObjectiveFor the first time, provide Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) for a Developmental Math class. Based on its success, more classes will be identified to receive SLA.Collaborate with Dr.Van Wagoner, Director of Developmental Math Program, to identify a class and set up the necessary processes to implement SLA for the class.Students will improve their knowledge of content. Student swill improve their affective skills. Students will be retained at a higher rate. Pass rates and retention rates from other classes will form the basis of comparison to gauge the success of SLA. Pre and post surveys will measure the improvement of their affective skills.SLA is now being offered for one MAth 0970 class and an experimental Math 1810 class.Enter Use of Result