Student Affairs Technology

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
AccessEstablish and support esports at Weber State UniversityOpen an esport lab in the University Village Community Center and provide the technology, games and support for students interested in pursuing esports.Students will learn all the aspects of esports that are not only gamers but other career paths that are possible in the esport world. They will have the opportunity to explore those areas and expand their employment options and share their stories.SAT will track specific traffic and usage for the esport lab in UV. We will hold focus group feedback for the primary users to see how we can improve the environment for those who are serious in having a future esport "career"The WSU labs established an esports focused Computer Lab (esports@theVillage). By converting an underutilized lab at University Village into an esports focused space the usage for the lab increased from 1,356 logins over 10 months to 3,749 logins in only seven months. This space also established a spectator area, console gaming station and a location for collegiate tournaments, providing even more opportunities for students to be involved on campus. The esports @ the Village Lab had over 300 unique users through fall and the beginning of the spring semester including many members of the esports club and competitive team.With the success of the esport lab, we will continue growing the space and offering better service and keep evolving with the needs of the gamers on campus. We will also look at the possibility of having an esport lab at other locations.
DiversityEncourage a diverse and inclusive environment for our student employees.SAT hourly employees will be required to attend a session at either the Diversity conference or other diversity programs and events. We have integrated the diversity goal into our yearly training for our student workers.Student workers will learn the value of a diversity based on the subject matter of the event they attend. They will use that knowledge and present what they found to their fellow hourly staff in a debrief meeting later in the year.Success will be viewed as 90% attendance to their choice of events.All WSU Computer Lab employees attended diversity training this year and 100% of student leaders attended multiple diversity and inclusion focused trainings and programs. Through these programs, students are better able to understand their own diversity and the importance of recognizing and celebrating the diversity of others, all while creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for patrons and employees of the WSU Labs.We will continue with the current model of our training and enhance it as needed.
AccessImprove promotion of lab services to campus.The open labs will create a marketing strategy to help increase our usage and review our service offerings to ensure we are current in the needs of the students.Student hourly employees will be able to learn usage reasons and promote them to students using our services.All signs (digital and print) in labs will use "Student Fees Used Here" symbol - computer screen ads, posters, social and web. All the college deans will receive an annual report on usage to continue relations on the reasons we are located in their college's building. We will continue to survey users and have small focus groups to ensure we are providing the tools for students to be successful in their course work.The WSU Labs have increased marketing efforts to WSU students through print, social media and screensavers. These efforts highlight various lab services and locations and incorporate the “Student Fees Used Here” logo in all promotional materials. The WSU Labs have actively engaged with faculty and staff promoting lab services to support the academic success of WSU students. One particular area of emphasis was our laptop checkout program which doubled in usage due to the new marketing plan.We will continue to emphasis marketing for all our services in the labs by hiring creative graphic designers and working with SA Marketing to increase our audience.
OtherExplore Wildcard service changes.SAT will work with a variety of campus departments to explore a one-card solution that will encompass current external systems into one easy to manage platform.N/AWe will continue attending focus groups and working committees in a multi-division effort to plan a campus solution that will work for all areas.The exploratory team is still meeting and planning for possible Wildcard changes/enhancements.SAT will continue to be an active member of the committee and once a plan is developed, will more than likely lead the technical integration of the enhancements along with IT, Union and FM partners.
OtherIncrease effectiveness of SAT supporting division technology.Each area in SAT will create Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their supported staff.The STAs and programmers will learn the process and reasons for creating SLAs by being directly involved with the process. They will use that knowledge to help lead the process of creating future SLAs for areas.SAT will create draft templates for each area: STAs, Systems, Labs. We will choose pilot departments in Student Affairs to work through the process with the hopes to have five agreements in place by June 2019.SAT has been actively researching new tools to better support technology in the division and increase efficiency, through academic research, networking and conferences.Due to the separation of our technical support manager, the implementation process of this goal will be continued next fiscal year.
OtherIncrease staffing in SAT department to broaden our support structure for the division.The need for a new specialty technology support staff position was recognized and will be hired to help with Sodexo and other wildcard and payment services. We are also expanding the STA and internship program to encompass a broader range of service offerings.N/ASAT will hire a new full time staff position for the specialty technology. We are also increasing staff by 3 STAs for support/training and 2 interns for programming.A new Proprietary Systems Support Technician was hired in February of 2019 to continue to provide excellent service to all of the Point of Sales systems on campus. We also rehired our Desktop Support Manager which caused us to have to pause in hiring the additional STAs.Now that we have our professional staff hired, we can move forward with hiring the new STAs to expand our support team and will begin the plans to hire the interns for the programers for 19-20.