Student Affairs Technology

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
OtherFinalize implementation of DUO two factor authentication for the divisionEducate staff and students on importance of two factor security and ensure each employee who has provisioned access to data is on the systemEnter Student Learning OutcomeTrack all staff/student accounts with Duo reports and meet with SA departments as needed to move the users over to the system. Establish a process for new employees to enroll onto the system as part of their hiring process to ensure all staff are secure.We have successfully enabled DUO for all current staff and will begin the process to get hourly workers onto the system as IT moves the system forward.Enter Use of Result
DiversityEncourage a diverse and inclusive environment for our students employeesComputer Lab Team Leaders will be required to attend a session at either the Diversity conference or the Native Symposium. All other SAT hourly employees will be encouraged to attend a session of their choice.Team Leaders will learn the value of a diversity based on the subject matter of the event they attend. They will use that knowledge and present what they found to their fellow Team Leads and the hourly staff that "report" to them in a debrief meeting later in the year.Success will be viewed as 100% attendance by the 5 Team Leaders to their choice of events. Volunteer attendance by other hourly employees will hopefully get to 40%.100% of Team Leaders have attended at least one diversity event on campus. All hourly students have been encouracged to participlate when possible.Enter Use of Result
AccessIntroduce VR to StudentsResearch best times and places for the VR experience for students to use and learn with the HTC Vive.Student hourly will learn the management of the VR system and provide "how-to" workshops for students. Lead discussions on how the product could be used to enhance education and learning.Hands-on focus groups have been implemented for department training and event purposes. These experiences are provided by a member of Student Affairs Technology and are tailored to the specific needs of the event. The experiences range from guided meditation for the counseling centers event to communication training for our computer lab team leaders. We have received positive feedback from each activity and plan to continue finding new ways to share this technology with the campus community.We have found it difficult due to the nature of the equipment and software to offer it via a walkup service. The feedback we have received is extremely positive and the technology is working as intended. We have found small scheduled group use has worked well.Enter Use of Result
OtherIncrease effectiveness of SAT supporting division technologyUse current technologies to plan efficient support practices for the SA division. Survey the division on needs and plan necessary changes to support. This will involve web and digital media, marketing, tech support, enterprise services, lab services and educational technical trainingStudent workers in all the mentioned areas will be involved with the creation, support and services of that area. They will learn in depth business processes and project management. They will also receive pertinent training opportunities to further their professional growth.Each area: Technical Support, Computer Labs, Digital Media/Marketing have modified their assessment of their services for the division and student groups. These include new survey tools and focus groups opportunities. The surveys have been issued to the division during Fall semester and will be continued through Spring.Computer labs, technical support, web and graphic design have implemented new surveys to better assess their services. The surveys were issued to the division during Fall Semester and will be continued through Spring Semester.Enter Use of Result