InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
DiversityMore effectively support international and ELL students in navigating their college experiences. Increase tutor understanding of and appreciation for the perspectives and experiences of international and ELL students.Collaborate with the LEAP/ESL Program, the International Student Center, and Multicultural Student Center to hold regular sessions with international and ELL students in organized Conversation Cafes and tours of campus programs and services, offering demonstrations and discussion about how to best engage and get involved in a variety of areas.International and ELL students will experience greater confidence in navigating their college experiences. Tutors will have increased understanding of and appreciation for the perspectives and experiences of international and ELL students.1. Measure attendance at the events we hold. 2. Survey students about their experiences both before and after the semester's activities. 3. Students involved will write reflective essays at the end.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
OtherStart the NADE accreditation renewal process which begins with a detailed self study and data analysis for the submission of a 5 year interim report.Attend the workshop for continued accreditation at the NADE conference in March.NAThorough knowledge of the new accreditation process.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
OtherEncourage collaboration and a sense of teamwork among Developmental Math faculty and math tutors. Tutors will be encouraged to attend one or more of the training sessions being presented by the Developmental Math Program. Faculty will also be offered the opportunity to attend similar classes from the tutor training course (ED2920). Tutors will gain a better understanding of how to reach out to and collaborate meaningfully with math professors.1.Tutors will do a short write-up on their experience at the faculty training session. 2. Faculty will be asked for their thoughts on any ED2920 session they might attend.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityAssess and adapt the Peers of Excellence program to make certain it will be easy to for any program employing student workers to adopt. 1. Encourage writing tutors to send P.O.E. chits to one another. 2. Complete the document that describes how to use the appropriate Google Docs to run the P.O.E. program. 3. Assess cost and use of the program.1. Build morale and collaboration skill by acknowledging the contributions of colleagues. 2. Become aware of the value of mutual support and have a keener eye toward the program's core values. 1. Reflective writing from tutors using the P.O.E. program. 2. Cost-benefit assessment at end of Fall semester.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result