InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Select ObjectiveOgden Campus Testing staff are scheduled to read the book, "The Happiness Advantage" together to discuss how we can make our workplace an even better place to work than it already is. A January meeting is planned in which Winn Stanger will address the book's issues with us. Order enough copies of the book for staff. Schedule a time that works for Winn. Student staff will not only learn to enjoy working in the testing environment, but will also learn teamwork and how to improve the existing working conditions for everyone. Discussion during PREP and in one-on-one meetings. Discernible changes in the Testing environment. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessManagement of new, smaller Tracy Hall Testing center through faculty reservation systemFaculty reservation system implemented with BYU as a model. System approved by the Science dean and the Science subcommittee of the Faculty Testing Advisory CommitteeStudent staff will learn how to implement a new system.Feedback from Science faculty, evaluation of the number of reservations and if there was ever a class sent to another center. Science Coordinator filing bi-monthly reports on use of the reservations. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityAdd increased points for Diverse candidates for proctor positionsIt will become part of the interview process for the hiring team, going from 5 to 10 points. Will help staff interact better with diverse populations.Annual statistics on minority or diverse staff at the end of each semester. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessExploration of Hand-Recognition check-in to be piloted at Student Services. July meeting with Chip, Cody, and Spencer about the possibility, cost, and practicality.NA Information from Chip and Cody, investigating implementation issues at other locations, like the gym at SLCC. Finding out cost issues, as well as looking at other schools nationally.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityDevelop customer service training unitTraining committee meeting to plan out, then divide up the sections. Regular and student staff will be better trained to deal with conflict, diversity, and student needs. Items from the unit will become part of proctor evaluations. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result