Supplemental Instruction

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
OtherCollaborate with Athletics Department to set up SI for 2 classes that a lot of athletes are enrolled in.Collaborate with Kyle Carsey who is the Academic Adviser for the athletes and choose 2 classes.Athletes who are enrolled in the 2 classes will be better prepared for exams and be exposed to different study skills.Observation of SI sessions Athlete's gradesEnter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityTo make SI leaders aware of the different learning styles of SI participants and design sessions to accommodate all kind of learners and make the process of learning productive.1. At the opening training session, dedicate an hour talking about different kinds of learners and how to prepare for sessions. 2. Dedicate one more hour during weekly training for learning styles.SI leaders will learn about differing learning styles and methods of designing course material for productive and successful learning.Observation of sessions. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
OtherStart the NADE accreditation renewal process which begins with a detailed self study and data analysis for the submission of a 5 year interim report.Attend the workshop for continued accreditation at the NADE conference in March.NAThorough knowledge of the new accreditation process.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result