Student Affairs Technology

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Select ObjectiveIncrease effectiveness of SAT supporting division technologyUse current technologies to plan efficient support practices for the SA division. Survey the division on needs and plan necessary changes. Explore the role of the new Student Affairs Portfolio group in coordination with IT.4 n/aWe are evaluating our current state of support for all services in the division and plan action to help weaker areas of support. Focus will begin with System Architect's area with emphasis on Sodexo, Blackboard and other 3rd party systems.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityContinue developing a communication plan for student, staff and community members1) Explore branding for SA 2) Expand social media reach beyond Facebook into Instagram and begin exploring SnapChat 3) Expand other electronic communication that include email tools and digital signage.1 n/aWe are currently tracking analytics on the strategy of using social media for marketing. Using our survey feedback during the Block Party and SA Expo and the live analytics we will continue to develop of plan.1) Our Facebook analytics so far are showing our #weareweber posts are our strongest showings. Events are showing solid numbers. We will re-evaluate the weekend posts based on poor performance. Instagram has come on strong with "as it is happening" posts. 214 followers with 24 posts in the first month of the account's opening. 2) Survey results from 257 respondents show our social media strategy is still on the correct course of emphasis. Enter Use of Result
OtherExplore Widcard service changesWork with Union staff to explore a one-card solution for the campus that will encompass current external systems into one easy to manage platform.2 n/aWe will continue coordinating focus groups and surveys to gather enough interest to move forward with proposed changes.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
LearningExpand job track opportunities for student workers in SATExplore the creation of new job tracks within SAT. Use different means to hire and mentor new student workers in the areas of Marketing, Social Media, Programing, Web Design, Graphic Design and Tech Support.Students will demonstrate the skills they learn from the courses for portential advancement in their job. Students will also participate in the development of agendas and training for fellow student staff.'s internal training tracking and certificate system will be used to manage the training. Interested students will assigned courses based on their interests and those with passing grades will be moved up the job track for consideration of a new position.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityStudent Affairs Technology (SAT) will take steps to embed the concept and practices of Inclusive Excellence (IE) into every aspect of the operation, programming and training. Leaders, supervisors and student team leads will be included in discussions to explore practising IE in their areas of responsibilities.  Focus areas for including IE will be given to hiring, training and department activities.  1)  All SAT staff will complete COACH certification Inclusive Excellence class. 2) Students leaders will attend weekly trainings conducted through the Diversity and Inclusive office. SAT will be trained and informed to the importance of diversity and inclusion when hiring staff, providing training and planning department and division activities. SAT staff will report on their methods of implementing COACH trainings into their areas of responsibility.  Students will report on the progress of implementing the lessons learned into their individual unit’s activities and trainings. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
OtherImplement DUO two factor authentication for the divisionMove 100% of staff and certain student workers to DUO.NATrack all staff/student accounts with ISO and meet with any or all of the SA departments to move the users over to DUO by Spring 2017As of Dec 2016 we have 98 Student Affairs staff on DUO.Enter Use of Result