Nontraditional Student Center

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningSupport nontraditional students in developmental math courses to successfully complete their Math sequence.Create a support group for nontraditional students enrolled in Math 990/1010 which will meet in the center at the Davis CampusStudents will gain an understanding of developmental math principles and college success skills to complete their Math. Accudemia tracking of participant in the support group vs. a control group; Tracking these participants through to completion of their Math sequence - 1030, 1050…Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
LearningEnhance student internship opportunities within the center.A.) Continue Health Promotion Major Intern and explore B.) Explore a minimum of one additional intern opportunity that align with goals of center and develop a comprehensive description for intern role. A.) Student interns will enhance their educational career goals through co-curricular experiences developing programs and projects B.) Administrators will be able to identify gaps in department programs and services and have an understanding of intern development. A.) Stress Survey, other surveys and project completion. B.) Identify, advertise, and select additional intern and administer evaluation to intern to assess department’s ability to support and provide opportunities for the internship experience. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityDevelop connections and resources for male studentsEnter means of achieving goalMale students will feel connected and network with their peers, and will have the opportunity to participate in programs and activities with other men on campus. Create cohort group for tracking, develop and distribute needs assessment, and formulate focus group. Men’s Chair Ideas Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityDevelop connections and resources for student parents.Once a month a parent activity will be held for parents. Nontrad Week will include an evening for parents to come to round table discussions and gather in Waldo's Corner Pocket after for socializing.Student Parents will feel connected and network with their peers, and will have the opportunity to participate in activities with their children. Group will be surveyed and asked to join a focus group the end of the semester. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessIncrease the number of students utilizing Davis Campus center by 50% in Fall 2016 and by another 25% in the Spring 2017.Hire additional student staff, provide campus specific programming and outreach, Communicate with the Davis Campus departments through Davis Council meetings, email, and personal contact. Davis students and staff will identify the Nontrad Center as a main connection for nontrad student needs and gain knowledge of Nontrad Center services and programs available. Accudemia tracking numbers, survey to Davis Campus staff and students.Fall Semester 2015 = 28 visitors and 141 visits Fall Semester 2016 = 96 visitors and 335 visitsEnter Use of Result
LearningImplement comprehensive student employee and peer mentor training programs.Students will attend department and division trainings, set goals, complete weekly tasks, assignments, and reflection.Student employees will be able to identify and articulate connections between training, their employment, academic success and future career goals. Observations, personal feedback, staff meeting discussions, weekly tasks, post SA Rubrics and self-reflection exercises. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessReach students outside of the center through marketing strategies. Create and utilize a social media calendar, create additional Videos (help tips, etc.) and continue to produce banners and flyers. Nontrad students will learn about the resources offered through our center on a broader scale and will be more involved through Facebook, and have more email contact from department (weekly). Number of Facebook followers, calendar being followed and reported on, and Accudemia report on “How student heard about center”. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityImprove communication within the Student Affairs DivisionWork with SA Division departments to provide support and resources for nontraditional students during scheduled activities. (e.g. providing childcare during events) SA departments will have stronger sense collaboration with out department and nontrad students will be more involved across the division. A.) Survey to SA Departments B.) Track number of departments, events and students supported. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
CommunityImprove communication with WSU campus departments.Email and send correspondence to: Admin. Support Staff (SA Division/ Colleges) Student Success Center Campus departments will have a better understanding of our department and services and when to connect students to the center.Survey to campus departments. Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result