State Gear-Up

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningEnable more timely and accurate interventions and resource referral for program students in order to meet academic markers for graduation1. Improve collection and application of program participant data by partnering with WSU computer students through CCEL to develop web-based searchable database. 2. Implement standard reporting structures and timelines to identify key attainment markers.WSU CCEL partner students: Content knowledge and applicable real world experience Program participants: Academic success components; increased awareness of academic strategies and support servicesCCEL course and partnership evaluations Improved program participant academic and attendance outcomesEnter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessIncrease the number of program students who take or re-take the ACT by 3% over previous year1. Utilize student data to identify eligible students who have not taken the exam and provide direct intervention with students and parents. 2. Utilize student data to identify “cusp” performance students; invite and assist with registration to retake exam.Students will understand the impact of ACT scores on college acceptance and course placement. Students will understand the options and processes for re-taking the exam.Track ACT completion among program participants Track number of ACT fee waivers utilized to assist students in re-taking the exam Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
DiversityStrengthen program support for and awareness of LGBT issues among secondary students, building on previous year's efforts.1. Staff will receive training from Jayson Stokes regarding appropriate language, terminology, and key issues in the LGBT community. 2. Campus visit programming requests will include LGBT resources. 3. Region 1-specific forms and media will utilize gender neutral terminology and advisors will encourage students to utilize appropriate language and expressions in daily interactions. Students will understand that all students are valued and served equally by the GEAR UP program. Students will understand the importance of utilizing appropriate language and terminology. Staff will understand current issues, vocabulary, and resources to better serve secondary LGBT students. Review and update internal forms Anecdotal feedback from student participants Inclusion of LGBT resources in campus visits, online posts, and print materials provided to students and parents Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
AccessIncrease the number of program seniors who complete the FAFSA by 5% over previous year.1. Provide regular open completion workshops in the office the first Saturday of each month beginning November 1, 2016. 2. Utilize new federal completion timeline to extend individual completion appointments to parents and students. 3. Support partner school personnel in obtaining FAFSA completion training and hosting in-school FAFSA Frenzy events. Students will understand the changes to the FAFSA completion timelines and requirements. Students will understand the impacts of completing the FAFSA for all students. Track number of program seniors who complete the FAFSA Utilize National Clearinghouse data in cooperation with State grant partners to verify FAFSA completion rates among program participants Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result