Davis Campus Student Programs

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
CommunityIncrease awareness of WSU Davis to the Davis County communityBy enhancing the WSU play area at Layton Hills Mall; by adding WSU Davis information to the electronic signs on Hwy 89 and I-15; and by facilitating an event in Davis County advertising HomecomingEnter Student Learning OutcomeThe achievement of these goals will be measured by their successful completion.Jan 15, 2017: the Layton Hills Mall WSU play area has been redesigned with updated marketing materials. A broader array of information specific to WSU Davis is running on the digital signs on I-15 and Hwy 89. Planning for Homecoming 2017 will resume in the summer meetings.Enter Use of Result
LearningCreate an internal mentor certification program to mirror the CRLA mentor certification program.Structure a rubric to rate the levels of student engagement for the peer mentor interactions with students and staff. The training is already in place. Peer mentors who attend fall training and ongoing workshops and fulfill their peer mentor responsibilities will be able to achieve WSU certification in two semesters.Enter Student Learning OutcomeThis goal will be measured by the development of the finalized rubric and 50% of the peer mentors achieving the certification over two semesters. Jan 15, 2017: The Mentor Planning Committee meets monthly and has made progress on the internal certification. This goal is on track and will be completed by the end of spring semester 2017.Enter Use of Result
AccessEnhance Student Affairs services provided through an online medium to achieve five online appointments per month during fall and spring semesters.By designating an office for online advising appointments; by coordinating scheduling with services who want to use this method for advising; and by designing a marketing plan to educate students of this opportunityEnter Student Learning OutcomeThe success of this system will be determined by measuring the goal of five students using this system per month.Jan 15, 2017: The recommendation from the Program Review Site Team has been shared with the services directors. Those who are interested will attend a Jan 4, 2017 meeting to discuss implementing this system.Enter Use of Result