Weber State University Student Affairs Unit Goals

Union Operations

DepartmentInitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Union OperationsDiversityIncrease diversity within all Union Department StaffRecruit Through 1. KWCR Spanish Radio 2. Multicultural, International, Disabilities, FYE 3. Diversity focused senators 4. Housing, Grant ProgramsMore Staff awareness. Diverse student for hire Staff will interact appropriately with diverse campus populationAnalyze new HiresWe are able to hire moved diverse students staffContinue to look at ways to recruit staff - both students and contracts
Union OperationsOtherEnhance the "Welcoming" atmosphere of the Recreation Center so that All will feel welcome1. Train Staff to avoid the impression of "cliques" 2. Hire a more diverse student staff Staff will become more aware of the subtle non-verbal impressions they give to potential customers. Staff will interact appropriately with our diverse clientele. 1. Use Secret Shoppers 2. Customer surveys.Student's were trained in customer service and made aware of perceptions - new furniture, layouts, created to help with "cliques" in areas. Still looking for full-time supervisor for WCL Enter Use of Result
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Union OperationsOtherImplementing/quality professionalism, and customer serviceTraining On: Answering phone, cell phones in meetings Customer skills: Voice tone, eye contact, & body language Huddle meeting - Sodexo model The Student Affairs Maintenance team will attend the Human Resources training on Friday October 23rd to enhance their awareness and improve their skills in customer service.Student employees will gain interpersonal communication skills will learn how to answer incoming calls know what and what not to say, learn not to use cell phones in meetings for personal uses, learn to have better appearance standards, have a group meeting before starting the day. Observation, supervisor evaluationsStudent's were trained on customer service skillsLooking for surveys or comment cards to see how we are doing
Union OperationsOtherReduce energy usage in the Shepherd UnionEnergy Reduction 1. Replace Elevator this will likely take 6-8 months to complete 2. Heat ex-changers, recently installed two new energy efficient electric water heaters at the Union. 2. Sustainability touch screens in sustainability center 3. Currently working with FM on a lighting upgrade for all light fixtures in the Union. 4. The lighting audit is newly completed and we will begin changing out bulbs, fixtures and components in the next 4 weeks.1. Safer environment for WSU community 2. Cost savings on equipment repairs 3. More staff awareness of sustainable practicesCustomer Satisfaction lighting / how many changed outWe are 20 to 25% complete with the lighting upgrade in the Union. As the new light fixtures become available we will continue to work on this project which may take until Fall of this year
Union OperationsOtherUtilize new campus patterns to facilitate staffing needs to increase evening building usage 1. Identify slow spots 2. Re-image the Union Recreation as an epicenter of activity 3. Create a strategic plan to capture trafficEnter Student Learning OutcomeCompare traffic countsRe-imaging of Wildcat Lane completed, with addition of Waldo's Corner Pocket and new furniture It was late in the year to see if traffic increased, will compare FY 2016 to 2017 for results
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