InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
AccessPrepare for move of Science Testing Center to Tracy Hall perhaps before Fall of 2016.Continue to work out the arrangement of the check-in space and the procedure of paper or online exams, as well as the limitations of certain kinds of tests in a relatively small center that will suddenly have high demand. It has been decided to pilot a reservation system for the new Tracy Hall. Input has been received from the Science subcommittee of the Faculty Testing Advisory Committee, as well as the dean of Science. NoneThe reservation system for Tracy Hall is in development and will be measured by our own tracking of the utility of the open seats. This will still be our smallest test center which will now be in the center of campus and in the same building as big test-using departments like Mathematics. It may be trial sand error to discover the type of demands that center can take. None as of yet---just feedback from faculty and the dean. None until faculty is able to schedule tests.
LearningPolicy change to allow faculty to decide if their students are allowed to keep notes as they exit the Testing Center.The policy must first be approved by the Faculty Testing Advisory Committee in September. Next, the Testing staff must work out the best way to accomplish the task through Chi Tester and a change in the check out procedure.Students will benefit from the ability to reflect on the quality of the notes they have taken an concentrate on notes for the next test. Some faculty want their students to study or refer to their notes after the exam. However, all faculty must be warned that taking this option means students may write down the entire test and take it out of the testing center with them.All staff will track incidences and interaction about the result of the change. A meeting with staff will discuss its success or failure. Also, all eleven members of the Faculty Testing Advisory Committee will be asked to weigh on in the outcome in December or January. Faculty Committee will not weigh-in until October, but so far the change has been a benefit to many faculty based on feedback. All faculty received an email, but there are still times when a faculty does not understand the policy, but this is rare. It is still incomplete, but the number of problems is small, especially since faculty has been given more power.
DiversityDiversity of Testing employees to more closely match the WSU community.Continue to search for qualified diverse candidates in the hiring of hourly employees. We have a point system to assess candidates. Diversity points will be increased to between 5 and 10%.Student workers will benefit form exposure to diversity among co-workers.We do semester statistics of our staff to determine nontraditional student workers and minority proportion. We will track the change and assess the trend as it unfolds.We achieved only a slight jump in numbers. 25% of hourly staff are considered nontraditional students: over 25, married/divorced, or of a racial minority. 8% are of a a racial minority. The point system for diversity has made a difference on several hires, but we are still bound by who applies to our job openings. Since results were only a small difference, the next step should be figuring out ways to recruit a more diverse candidacy list.
OtherHire and Train Coordinator of Science Testing CenterHiring is the normal process as outlined by Human Resources. Training of the one hired will include the five training units plus specialized training from the director and other coordinators. Goals will be set for the position with the employee. NoneThe director has a checklist of goals that are assessed monthly in a meeting between the two. The results will ultimately be assessed at the 6 month probationary PREP.Employee, Wesley has signed off on the list of goals and has attended trainings and conferences. We have met to discuss his goals. He also had his first PREP in May. The list of goals and the position's responsibilities has been used to generate feedback for the PREP and to gauge where we proceed for the new Tracy Hall.