Student Involvement & Leadership

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Student Involvement and LeadershipCommunitySIL is committed to increasing the number of collaborations and partnerships WSUSA makes with other groups across campus, including LDSSA, Athletics, Admissions, Davis Campus, Alumni, etc. 1) WSUSA will host at least 1 collaboration meeting a month, including campus partners, in order to coordinate events, create collaborative efforts, etc. 2) Create a google calendar that will be shared with multiple partners (departments and organizations) across campus.1) Students leaders of WSUSA will be able to successfully host coordination meetings and events with multiple university departments and organizations to increase collaboration efforts across campus. 2) WSUSA student leaders will demonstrate the importance and value of partnering with others across campus. 1) Track attendance, as best as possible, at large scale, collaborative events in order to measure the interest of students, faculty, staff, etc. in attending these events. 2) Ask students, using a Likert scale, to express and measure their interest in continuing collaboration efforts following the monthly collaboration meetings. Our WSUSA student leaders, especially our President, Cash Knight, has made significant contributions to SIL''s progress in terms of this goal. Cash and his supportive committee have successfully organized and hosted multiple tailgate parties and/or events prior to numerous Athletics events, including football and basketball. Cash and his team additionally created the "promo" team, composed of a variety of students from across campus, who serve as the main promoters before events. In this next semester, LDSSA, HAC, WSUSA, and Athletics (SAAC) have various ideas of upcoming games, tailgates, and/or other events we would like to see happen as a collaboration between organizations. The staff of SIL, with the cooperation and mutual commitment from the 2016-2017 student leaders, will continue the efforts and initiatives started in the 2015-2016 year, while improving on the details we have received feedback about.
Student Involvement and LeadershipDiversityIncrease the number of students from various backgrounds, cultures, etc. who are running for office and serving in leadership roles for WSUSA. 1) The staff of SIL commits to having two (1/semester) intentional conversations with their individual teams related to diversity and the importance of building and fostering inclusiveness. 2) The entire department of SIL will support the Elect Her event and will encourage all students, including at least 4 males from WSUSA, to attend the event. 3) The staff of SIL will develop a recruitment and outreach vision throughout Fall 2015 and be ready to take action during the Spring 2016 WSUSA Elections. 1) Students will be able to identify & articulate the privileges they have and how it impacts their leadership roles, decisions, etc. 2) Students will be able to articulate the barriers and challenges underrepresented students face when deciding to run for office. 3) SIL, including the student executive team, is dedicated to outreach and actively recruiting a diverse, student leader population. 4) Increase diversity within WSUSA leadership positions by 10% in 2015-2016.1) Administer pre and post assessments to students participating in conversations of inclusiveness, barriers, etc. 2) Facilitate focus groups on the topic of barriers of underrepresented students when deciding to run for office. 3) Compare the WSUSA roster of 2015-2016 leaders with that of the newly elected 2016-2017 leaders in order to see if minority representation has increased within SIL and leadership roles. As a staff we are currently struggling as we are checking in with our mid-year progress. At this point we are trying to decide together, if this is the most fit/"best" direction we would like to head in. We are not sure this goal is in fact, what we would like our goal to be. We are committed to our roles in promoting the University's value and mission of supporting diversity and inclusivity on campus, however, we are not 100% this is the best way to go about our efforts within SIL. We are planning to meet again with Olga and Stephanie to get more of their guidance as they can provide us with insight from the Diversity Committee. During Summer 2016 the staff of SIL will research different methods for gathering and assessing the data we are seeking. The staff of SIL is attending the summer UPSIL Conference, which will allow us to interface with, and question Student Involvement and Leadership staff from across the state as to how they gather similar information and formulate statistics from their student leaders and the larger student body.
Student Involvement and LeadershipDiversityThe SIL Department will initiate on-going education and training about respect for differences and fostering a welcoming community for campus student leaders and staff.1) Provide diversity awareness training for student leaders in the summer. 2) Provide on-going diversity education workshops for students and staff. 3) Provide multicultural education materials on cultural sensitivity. 1) Staff will demonstrate cultural responsiveness to differences in their interactions with students and in the workplace. 2) Students will use knowledge of similarities and differences between people to make sensitive and appropriate decisions. 1) Number of training workshops offered for staff and students. 2) Workshop training evaluations. 3) Needs assessment survey. 4) Follow up focus group discussions at the end of each semester. The SIL Department incorporated inclusivity throughout the elections process and specifically, in the interviewing process for appointing student leaders. We asked each student who interviewed, "What does inclusivity mean to you?" and we also shared with them, the meaning of inclusivity to our department. We will continue our conversations centered around inclusivity throughout the summer, and specifically in the new executive trainings. Enter Use of Result
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