Student Affairs Technology

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
OtherReassess and promote effectiveness and usage of kiosks, mobile print stations and laptop checkout program.Evaluate what sites are successful and which are not by the data usage numbers.Enter Student Learning OutcomeUse data from all current locations to review effectiveness of equipment and locations to discover how to increase usage or move/remove the service location and explore other areas that might be more successful.We are still compiling the data and will have a better view at the end of Spring semester.Based on the outcome we will reallocate resources from areas being underutilized to those with higher demand. We will also plan to purchase additional equipment to account for excess demand.
OtherExplore wildcard service changesSeek a one-card solution for the campus that will encompass proxcard technology, UTA and possibly a banking partnership for a debit connection.Enter Student Learning OutcomeGather data and service plans from other universities on successes and failures of student card service changes and develop a plan to propose the change at WSU.We have had discussions with the Union director and Wildcard admin to explore improvements and changes to the current system.SAT and Union admin will investigate the future of the card. Samples from different user types will be invited to sit in focus groups to explore wants and needs of the card. We will continue discussions and collaboration with the Union to make necessary changes if feedback warrants.
DiversityRe-evaluate and Increase the adoption of inclusive excellence within Open- Student Computer Labs.Collect data of student employee demographics and match them to the student body dataTeam Leaders that are reviewing applications will be sensitive to the importance of diversity and inclusion.Review demographics of employees and seek ways to involve the students in planning for increased inclusion.We are still in the process of gathering the student data for our comparisons.Based on the outcome of results we will plan on training student Team Leads through the office of Diversity and Inclusive Programs.
CommunityDevelop a communication plan for student, staff and community members.1) Explore branding for Student Affairs 2) establish social media guidelines and channels for dissemination of information 3) explore other electronic communication applications that include email tools and digital signage.Enter Student Learning Outcome1) We will work with WSU Marketing and Communication to plan a recognizable brand for Student Affairs. 2) A Student Affairs Facebook page will be created for the purpose of information sharing for all services and events at WSU in collaboration with Marketing and Communication main social media channels. Students and staff will be encouraged to 'like' the page and increase the activity.Enter ResultsEnter Use of Result
LearningImplement new job track opportunities for student workersCreate a structure of learning possibilities for student lab assistants that will give them an opportunity to explore new career tracks and demonstrate leadership.Students will demonstrate the skills they learn from the courses for potential advancement in their job. Students will also participate in the development of agendas and training for fellow student staff.Student employees in the open student labs will be given choices in career tracks to become STAs, web design, programmers, social media engineers. The goal is to have at least one student complete a professional development track. We will use the rubric for high impact engagement as an evaluation tool.We are still in discussions on how the new model will work with our current structure of training.We have 7 students on track for specialized training and we will continue with the evaluation of program. After Summer we will look to expand it to ASCP.
OtherRework current server service planPurchase and install new servers to finalize moving all Student Affairs virtual servers to new hardware and have them located in the Tech Ed building server farm.Enter Student Learning OutcomeAll server and services will be converted to Server 2012 and functioning properly by Spring 2016. Investigate best practices for disaster recovery, collaborate with university IT, create documentation, and test the plan for all Student Affairs servers (based on program review recommendations)All servers and storage systems have been purchased and installed up in the server "farm" in the TechEd building.All applications on the current old equipment will be moved over and tested. Once completed, the old hardware will be removed and surplused. Goal is to have it completed end of Spring 2016.
OtherIncrease effectiveness of the STA support group1) Provide customer service training to all STAs 2) Increase technology support knowledge and explore new technologies 3) Have an STA or staff member available throughout the normal business day to answer trouble callsStudents will become self-directed learners using the tools provided by Desktop Support Manager via Lynda.comUtilize the 50/50 program to institute new specialized STA positions in recognized areas in need of better service. Use Service Now data to track service issues and help establish information to better manage STA time and support.We have 3 new 50/50 STA positions. We are currently creating an evaluation matrix to ensure training and professional growth for each student employee modeled after the computer labs. ServiceNow has been fully implemented in the workflow for the STAs.We will continue to explore if more 50/50 position are needed to fill the demand of work orders for the division. We have now started to use the data reports from ServiceNow to ensure work orders are being done in a timely manner.