Student Involvement & Leadership

DepartmentInitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Student Involvement and LeadershipAccessIncrease student participation in events and programs sponsored by SIL/WSUSA by 15% this year.Increase the number of events and increase effective advertising for all events.Not ApplicableUnder DevelopmentUpdate: Attendance up 10.24% based on attendance comparisons for key events 1/15/15Enter Use of Result
Student Involvement and LeadershipCommunityDevelop and implement an inclusive student engagement plan for SIL focused on our mission and geared for students at all levels.1.) Building on the "SIL Document" create a workgroup to help guide the research and cultivation of strategies. 2.) Incorporate the plan into all aspects of SIL/WSUSA. 3.) Educate students on the plan and opportunities afforded them through SIL/WSUSA. Enter Student Learning OutcomeUnder DevelopmentUpdate:Group formed as of 11/15/14Enter Use of Result
Student Involvement and LeadershipCommunityDevelop and implement strategies to better activate D3 on the Davis Campus. Lead by SIL Davis staff, create a Davis committee focussed on increasing the number of students utilizing the services in D3 and the amount of time spent within the building. Not ApplicableUnder DevelopmentUpdate: Committee identified and holding first meeting in January. 1/15/15Enter Use of Result
Student Involvement and LeadershipDiversityDevelop addition leadership opportunities for our LGBTQ populations.Once a Director for LGBTQ Resources has been hired, work with them to explore new and innovative leadership positions to serves this population that fit within the limits of the WSUSA Constitution.Enter Student Learning OutcomeEnter Methods of AssessmentUpdate: Postion descriptions under development for publication in February in the 2015-2016 WSUSA Appointed Position Application Packet. 1/15/15Enter Use of Result
Student Involvement and LeadershipLearningFinalize and implement a universal leadership curriculum to serve as a foundation course for WSU.Working with a committee of faculty and staff, identify the core curriculum to serve as the foundation. Develop courses based on this foundation, and establish pathways for completion in each college tied to the core curriculum. Under Development by CommitteeUnder DevelopmentUpdate: Committee identifying partnership classes. 1/15/15Enter Use of Result
Student Involvement and LeadershipSelect ObjectiveBegin work on developing a five-year plan for SIL.The SIL team will begin a review of current programs and improve assessment data gathered to help identify core goals for improvement for the next five year.Not Applicable Under DevelopmentUpdate: No progress made at this time. 1/15/15Enter Use of Result