Services for Students with Disabilities

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
CommunityWork with the ADA Coordinator to create or "re-boot" the ADA Compliance Committee as a standing committee.Meet with Barry Gomberg in August or September to determine committee structure and reporting; begin meetings in October/November.Enter Student Learning OutcomeCommittee members will develop goals/outcomes for the 2014-15 academic year and beyond.Meetings continue, including involvement from the Provost office, V.P of Student Affairs, and IT. Support is in place for an ongoing ADA Compliance group and some possible goals have been put forth.Additional meetings have been scheduled for Spring Semester and into Summer. Goals should be finalized by June, including committee structure.
AccessImprove current data management process to improve scheduling, tracking, and assessment.Implement new data/scheduling/assessment system and software; train staff to effectively use new system.Student's will have improved access for requesting and receiving accommodations, including opportunities to provide feedback.Have new system in place and in use by the end of fall semester; conduct training on system on or around fall break; include a product review/evaluation activity during winter break.Partial implementation occurred at the start of Spring Semester; full implementation still has several components outstanding. SSD will evaluate effectiveness and staff response at the conclusion of Spring Semester focusing on available features.
DiversityImprove overall diversity awareness and relationships between SSD and other departments.SSD will participate in various activities, programs, events, and/or committees across campus either, attending or presenting, on topics related to diversity.Enter Student Learning Outcome100% of staff will participate/attend/present at a diversity related activity/program/event each academic year.Don - participated on the hiring committees for two diversity related positions at WSU; attended session focused on Diversity Goals during Assessment Fair (Jun 2015). Amelia - attended LGBT Center opening; ASLTA Conference in SLC (Aug 2014 & Jun 2015); -UTRID Conference in SLC (Aug 2014); AHEAD Technology Conference in Denver, CO (Nov 2014). Angela attended LGBT Center opening; served on the Diversity Committee. Lynette - Provided Transcription Services for various Diversity Center activities/functions. Michael - Demonstrated Adaptive Tech for Psychology of Diversity Course at WSU. Mickelle - Provided ASL Interpreting Services for various Diversity Center activities/functions. Roxanne attended LGBT Center opening; served in the hiring committee for the LBGT Resource Center Coordinator; served on Diversity Committee. Teresa - Diversity Event (Sep 2014); Safe Zone Training (Apr 2015); Davis Inclusive Excellence Training (May 2015).In terms of diversity and cultural awareness, this was a beginning. SSD will work with appropriate departments and programs to identify new diversity goals for the upcoming year(s).
OtherIn addition to the other goals contained herein, upon recommendation from the Program Review process, SSD will undergo a revision of our current mission statement.Beginning in Summer 2015, SSD staff will hold monthly meetings to begin the revision process; certain stake holders will be invited to participate in one or more meetings as the process continues.Enter Student Learning OutcomeSSD will propose a new mission statement to the Vice-President of Student Affairs in November 2015.PendingPending