Supplemental Instruction

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningSet up SI for the newly designed 0810 classes in Developmental Math Program.Contact key professors for names of possible SI leaders. Include SI leaders in training. Track progress of students who attend sessions.NAObserve SI leaders to determine the success of sessions. Track students in 0810 classes to gather data on participation rates and grades to determine viability.Two SI leaders were hired to be Supplemental Instruction leaders for 0810. They each held 4 sessions every week. In spite of all our efforts to market the sessions, only 8 students attended sessions through out each of the semesters. SI for 0810 did not wok and the practice will be discontinued.
DiversitySI Leaders will be trained to handle the diversity that exists among participants.One training session will be devoted exclusively to dealing with the diversity that exists among participants.Cultural competence: SI leaders will be aware of the diversity that exists in different types of learners and learn to appreciate it.Supervisor observations. Participant surveys. A one hour training module on diversity among participants was conducted in Spring semester. SI Leaders were trained in the different kinds of diversity that exists on our campus. Observations of SI sessions showed four incidents of SI leaders actually referring to different learning styles and note taking methods in their sessions.This practice proved to be successful and will be continued in the future.
OtherSet up clock-in procedures for all SI leadersTrain SI leaders and monitor hours closely.Students will learn to be accountable for timely input of hours worked.Monitor each SI leader's input to determine if the process is working as it should.We started with 5 SI leaders using clocking in procedures during Fall semester. We had to do a lot of edits in the beginning. By the end of the academic year, we had all our SI leaders using the system.This was a challenging year for all the SI Leaders. The learning outcome was accountability!