Health Center

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
DiversityProvide purposeful educational offerings to minority/multicultural students about services provided at the Health Center-disseminate information about current Health Center Services to multicultural students utilizing previously developed brochure listing Health Center ServicesStudents will better understand the services available at the Health Center-prepare presentation to be used at multicultural area council meetings -develop short “quiz” at end of presentation to determine understanding of presented materials -presentations and gathering of data all be done spring semester 2015 As of 1/15/2015, a slide presentation has been developed to provide information relating to the Student Health Center. As of 1/15/2015, groups, ie, area councils and other groups are in the process of being contacted for potential available presentation times. A mini-survey will be administered after the presentation to each member of the group via an electronic device to determine what/if the participants learned during the presentation. Presentations will be completed during Spring Semester.Project is ready for implementation. Selected groups will be contacted for presentations at the beginning of Fall Semester, 2015. Circumstances prevented implementation of project before end of Spring Semester.
Select ObjectiveEnhance visibility of services such as monthly health topics and current updates to students- provide access to this information through the use of a mobile app-students will have more accessibility to information through use of current technology, ie. Mobile app and electronic devicesEnter Methods of AssessmentAs of 1/15/2015, a QR code is being developed attached to a link which will contain a Satisfaction Survey as well as Monthly Health Emphasis information. The QR code and web link will appear in a brochure listing health services available to WSU students. These will be circulated through campus groups during presentations.QR code,surveys, and web link have been developed. Project is ready for implementation in Fall Semester, 2015. Circumstances prevented implementation of project before end of Spring Semester.