Davis Campus Student Programs

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
DiversityExpand staff development, specifically to include topics of diversity.Davis Student Services staff and peer mentors will attend at least one event (training, conference, etc., such as Safe Zone, Diversity Conference, Taboo Talks) per semester related to expanding knowledge of diversity or cultural competency.Staff and peer mentors will expand their knowledge of diverse and multiple perspectives regarding others' cultures, values, beliefs, or practices.The Cultural Competency rubric will be used as a pre and post test at the beginning and end of each semester. Additionally, staff and peer mentors will write a short reflection paper on what they learn, and if the learning can be useful in their roles as employees or peer mentors.Jan 15, 2015 Eighty-three percent of Davis Student Services staff and peer mentors completed the cultural competency rubric, attended a diversity event, and wrote a short paper on the what they had learned from the event. As a staff, we met as a group and shared our learning. This goal will be repeated in spring semester 2015. June 1, 2015 Sixty-six percent of the staff attended a diversity event and wrote a reflection paper on it. All the scores on the Cultural Competency rubric increased. These scores were self-assessed by the staff members and the peer mentors.Jan 15, 2015 The learning from the diversity events can be applied by staff to better understand students' needs. The peer mentors felt they could better understand some of the challenges faced by the mentees they work with. Attending these diversity events also gave the peer mentors ideas about scheduling topics for workshops in spring semester 2015. June 1, 2015 The peer mentors did strive to find diverse topics for their workshop/activity in spring semester. One peer mentor booked a motivational speaker for women and one booked a sexual assault awareness speaker from a domestic violence shelter.
OtherCollaborate with an academic department to support student learning.Create an internship opportunity for a student who is majoring in Health Promotion and Human Performance.As a result of participating in an internship with HPHP and Davis Campus Student Services, the intern will learn how to conduct an assessment process for the purpose of making recommendations for health education programming.The intern will write two progress reports addressing the learning outcome and respond to an assessment rating the level of learning in this process.Jan 15, 2015 The intern wanted an internship that would give her the opportunity to put into practice what she had learned in HPHP 4013 - Health Promotion Research & Assessment and HPHP 4150 - Needs Assessment and Planning Health Promotion Programs. The intern was able to create surveys that were administered to students to assess workshops on health topics, use of the Fitness Center, and use of the Health Center. Twenty-two students were surveyed on the workshops and 81 students were surveyed on the Fitness Center and the Health Center. June 1, 2015 This goal was only for fall semester 2014.Jan 15, 2015 Students who attend the workshops are able to articulate the learning outcomes desired from the presenters. Many students are aware of the Fitness Center, but would like certain improvements in the facility. Fitness Center staff have ideas for promoting the Fitness Center and increasing usage. Most students surveyed are not aware of the Health Center. Those who are aware and don't use it, do not use it because the hours are limited or they have other health insurance. June 1, 2015 This goal was only for fall semester 2014.
AccessDevelop a method of assisting GEAR Up students to learn about accessing Davis Student Services.Davis Student Services will partner with GEAR UP staff to provide information sessions, tours, and ice cream socials to help students learn about services and to meet staff and peer mentors. Two sessions will be scheduled in fall semester, one with GEAR UP students attending Clearfield High School and one with GEAR UP students attending Layton High School.GEAR UP students will demonstrate a basic understanding of what services are available in Davis Student Services and how to access them.A pre and posttest will be administered to the students before and after the information sessions.Jan 15, 2015 The GEAR UP program was not able to secure the funds to bus students from the high schools to the Davis Campus. GEAR UP is now in a new budget year and we will try this goal again for spring semester. June 1, 2015 The GEAR UP program was not able to receive enough returned permission slips from students to make hiring the buses cost effective, so this activity did not take place.Jan 15, 2015 Not applicable for fall semester 2014. June 1, 2015 The pre and post tests were created, an agenda was made, and several campus staff were scheduled for the orientations; however, not enough students signed up to come, so this activity did not take place.