Career Services

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningProvide more employment for students through internships and experiential learning opportunities.Include internships into the 50/50 program and market the new opportunity effectively to academic and student affairs staff. Focus learning opportunities for international students to find jobs and internships through the 50/50 program. Provide seminars, panel discussions and employer visits to explore the advantages of hiring international students. Market internships more effectively through Career Connect and make it easier for students to find internships for each major. Focus several Career Cafes on the advantages of internships. Make a video for the web site and include the suggestion in student MAPS to watch the video. Recognize the employers who provide high quality and quantities of internships. Find ways to better track and utilize the number of internships students are experiencing. Internships (experiential learning) is one of the most powerful ways students can learn job ready skills and provides one of the best opportunities to receive job offers after graduation. Since 70% of employers hire the interns that work for them it can be the best way for a student to differentiate themselves from other candidates. International students would like to have the opportunity to learn and work while going to Weber State and on campus jobs and internships can be a best fit for their legal status and logistical needs. Students who are able to apply the theories and practices they learn in the classroom on the job find college much more enjoyable and useful and the learning experience more relevant. We will measure the progress of the goal by how many new internships are created through the 50/50 program. Also, how many events are provided for students to learn about internships through career cares, seminars, panel discussions and hits on our web site for viewing the informational video. The improvements to Career Connect for access to internships will be measured through our satisfaction survey.The proposal for funding of internships throuigh the 50/50 program for on-campus internships was approved by the committee Spring Semester. The video of our marketing intern, Spencer Boyce, was filmed and is currently being edited for use on our Career Connect we site. The improvement to Career Connect for access to internships will be completed in 2015 - 2016.Enter Use of Result
CommunityReach out to faculty (especially new faculty) to build relationships and provide more information about the services provided by the Career Center and the advantages of utilizing our services for their students. Find ways to build new "bridges" between Career Services and Student Affairs by increasing understanding of how we can partner in our effort for higher student retention and greater persistence to graduation to better ensure next step success for each student.Provide a lunch and learn opportunity for each college and the Institute of Religion instructors to better understand what we do for students and how we can partner with them in helping students be successful in the classroom and on the job. Prepare a survey for each dean, department chair and faculty members to take on their knowledge of career Services and how we can help their students be successful during their college experience and prepare for next step success. Plans will be made to continue to expand opportunities for liberal arts students building on the seminar information with Dr Phil Gardner. We will do more outreach to under served students such as international students, veterans, athletes and LGBT students. We will provide safe zone training for all of our team members to expand our diversity outreach efforts.Enter Student Learning OutcomeWe will measure progress in this area by the creation of the survey and it's distribution and response from the academic community. The additional programs and opportunities for liberal arts students will be the measurement for the success of this effort. The completion of safe zone training will be an important measurement of our diversity expansion. The hiring of a student to be a special population outreach coordinator will be a step forward in reaching individuals in our university community who are hard to reach and under served. We provided a lunch and learn for the faculty and administration of the Institute of Religion and for the College of Arts and Humanities. A seminar on Career Planning for liberal arts majors was attended by Career Counselors and Deans from the Arts and Humanities at BYU. A follow-up seminar with Dr Phil Gardner was attended at the University of Utah. Commitments were made by both Deans to promote more career planning through counselors and faculty. An office was provided by Dean Harrold for Bryan Hamblin in the Behavioral and Social Science building which will allow him more access to students. Several seminars on diversity were attended by Career Center Counselors and contact was made with the Director of Diversity to make arrangements for Safe Zone Training. Two meetings with Coach Justice of athletics were held to reach out to athletes and to hire a special populations recruiter. Two meetings were held with Dr Cliff Nowell, Dean of International Programs, to reach international students and better meet their needs. A seminar for international students on employment opportunities was held. Additional emphasis on utilizing the 50/50 student job program for international students was promoted. An agreement was achieved with The Goddard School of Business for additional assistance for International Students in preparing for internships and jobs after graduation. Enter Use of Result
AccessMarketing The Career Center's services more effectively is critical to the continued success of students for retention and graduation efforts. Effective marketing is essential to the utilization of our valuable services. The goal to "make the connection" with students earlier and more often during their university experience is enhanced by more effective marketing. Social media is a powerful tool to communicating with students 24/7. We have hired a student video coordinator who will coordinate our media efforts through the production of video commercials on our services for students. Also, he will develop a video on the benefits of internships (the who, when, where and why of internships) that can be embedded in the MAPS program and used on the Career Center web site. Focus groups will be run for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to understand what they need from Career Services and when they need it. A decision on an alumni mentoring platform called "Evisor" will be made this year and methods for funding it's use will be developed through partnerships with the colleges and the development office. A partnership with financial aid will be explored to help the approximately 1,800 students that have problems meeting the financial aid requirements for grades and major progression. The possibility of a career map will be explored and the use of career liftoff in group counseling sessions will be discussed. A new brochure will be created to market our services for students.Students will have more opportunities to express their opinions through our focus groups and to help shape the services we are providing. They will learn more effectively through social media outlets in their way and on their time line. They are more likely to have what they need when they need it. Also, the opportunity to be mentored by alumni and learn from them will be enhanced through the possible use of "Evisors".The measurement of this goal will be accomplished through the number of videos that are created to market our services and the quantity and quality of the focus groups that we will conduct. The possible partnership with financial aid and the number of at risk students we serve will be measured. The determination of the use of the "Evisor" alumni mentoring program could help us connect students with alumni mentors. The production of new brochures will aid us in our marketing efforts to students, employers and faculty.Through our video intern we were able to film Career Center commercials with waldo our mascot and for Halloween we filmed some zombie commercials introducing services for students. We placed the waldo spots on u-tube and on the closed circuit system at the University. The zombie spots are still being edited and will be ready next Halloween. We will run the waldo spots again at the beginning of Fall semester. The internship video featuring Spencer, our marketing intern, will be ready to load to our web site by Fall semester as well. We will work to get it on the MAPS program when it is ready. Focus groups were run for all four class groups by a communications intern hired under the 50/50 program. Findings were reported to our team and the recommendations will be implemented at our planning retreat in May. Our team collaborated with the Financial Aid department to produce a training module for the nearly 2,00 students not meeting financial aid requirements. A session for each college was prepared and delivered with very low turnout of students. We will evaluate how to deliver this information to students possibly via video segments that they can access at their convenience. The "Evisor" alumni/student mentoring program was reviewed on with two groups and the cost/benefit value proved to be too costly. We will instead promote and train students on the Linkedin version which is free.Enter Use of Result