Assessment and Research

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
LearningProvide educational opportunities where departments can gain a fuller understanding of assessmentHold educational assessment series Provide one on one support for specific projects Create “assessment basics” presentation that teaches how to write goals, learning outcomes, etc… Create online resources for assessment information Departments will understand how to use assessment data effectively Departments will demonstrate creative ways to incorporate assessment into their offices Departments will have a solid foundation of assessment basics Offices will demonstrate new knowledge in their 6 column model Offices will present new ideas at the assessment fair Offices will use their data to make changes to their programs At the mid year point I had met with several staff members on an individual basis to help them develop assessment plans as well as learning outcomes and goals. I worked with the assessment committee to update the assessment website. At the beginning of the year we held 6 column sessions for offices to come work on their 6 column model. Next month the assessment committee is hosting an Assessment Showcase which will be several round table discussions and a breakout session.After reviewing progress that departments were making at the middle of the year, it was important to show all the great work that everyone is doing. Instead of an assessment fair, the assessment committee decided to give these departments a chance to share their work in a way that others can learn from them.
CommunityMove departments beyond headcounts and satisfaction surveysOne on one support for determining which information is most important to gather Reach out to offices that are overwhelmed with data collection Educate offices on how to rotate assessment needs in order to be more effective Departments will prioritize when to track headcounts and provide satisfaction surveys Departments will articulate what they want students to learn from their programs and services Departments will write learning outcomes that reflect department goals and vision Offices will present data at the assessment fair 6 column model will reflect a rotation of assessment needs Departments will provide data at each level of the assessment period Worked with several departments on smaller projects in order to help them create learning outcomes. Will need to continue to work with departments on ways to effectively prioritize and rotate data collection.I am planning to meet with each department individually when they complete their 6 column models each fall.
DiversityEncourage offices to incorporate divisional priorities into their own workMeet with offices individually to help them see how their work belongs in the big picture Provide a deeper understanding of division priorities Find new ways to include division priorities that fit within their own field Offices will be able to articulate the division priorities Offices will discuss how they fit into the big picture Offices will present how their work impacts student learning and development Offices will feel a sense of belonging within the division Offices will report on student learning Division priorities will be reflected in their 6 column model as well as strategic plan Met with several offices individually on how to address the diversity initiative. The assessment committee is working with the diversity committee to offer a session on how to include diversity into their assessment plans.Now working toward helping departments take "next step" in their diversity planning.