Weber State University Student Affairs Unit Goals

Union Operations

DepartmentInitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Union OperationsAccessIncrease Revenue for Conference Services by 50%, to $150,000 gross revenue1. Revamp 3rd employee position to a sales position 2. Utilizing Housing and Food Service partners create a new marketing plan 3. Update website to create a ‘conference calculator’ for potential customers 4. Create a program to utilize WSU personnel to find potential conference customers NA1. Compare past revenues to current year ending 2. Review future bookings 1. Revamp 3rd employee position to a sales position Currently revamping utilizing descriptions from other schools. Will have ready for distribution at ACUI, UPSIL, and NACA. 2. Utilizing Housing and Food Service partners create a new marketing plan Met with Sodexo consultants, and recently received an executive summary. In discussion regarding a decision whether or not to employ further consulting. 3. Update website to create a ‘conference calculator’ for potential customers Currently working with SA IT to update website. 4. Create a program to utilize WSU personnel to find potential conference customers. In processEnter Use of Result
Union OperationsCommunityGet LGBT Resource Center Online1. Find funding 2. Research and write a request for creation 3. Approval by Trustees 4. Approval by Regents 5. Space/Location Found 6. Hire staff 3. Transition existing programs and activities to new leadership 1. Students feel welcome, included and values as members of the community. 2. Students have access and use services and resources on campus. 3. Faculty, students, staff and administrators have opportunities for education and learning in the center. 1. Students utilize the resources and services of the Center (participation in workshops, activities and trainings). 2. Faculty and staff utilize the resources and services of the Center (participation in workshops, activities and trainings.) 3. Count referrals by students, faculty, staff and community members. Have been giving the OK to proceed with the LTGB center, location in Annex 5 has been picked. Currently designing remodel. The staff position is under review at HR.Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsCommunityHold a "Guest Chef" event at FoD and at the Wildcat Room Featuring regional and international cuisines.1. Recruit a chef to visit, plan, schedule, promote 2. Plan menu and source ingredients 1. Increasing awareness and appreciation for diverse cuisine1. Measure attendance, gather feedbackGuest chef brought in 150 guests to the Wildcat room on Oct 29th; was very well receivedEnter Use of Result
Union OperationsCommunityMake improvements to policy, procedures and training to promote a safe environment for Union staff, visitors and users1. Provide staff training on the use of fire extinguishers, AEDs, fluid clean-up and location of all exits from the Union 2. Train all personnel on Crowd Train Manager 3. Update Union emergency plan 4. Create a process for background checking all volunteers that work with minors 1. Student staff will be provided crowd trained manager instruction1. Verify completion crowd trained manager modules 2. Survey results from Staff training events regarding safety issues 3. Distribution of pamphlets illustrating updated Union emergency plan 1. The training in September included safety training that was very well received. A survey done after the training shown that employees benefited from the training. 2,3,4 are still under developmentEnter Use of Result
Union OperationsCommunityWildcat Lanes will host a second season of the Weber/Ogden adaptive program sport bowling for SPED students, expanding where possible to affect more student participants.1. Work in partnership with the Ogden and Weber County school districts to create teams and hold the competitions during Spring Semester.1. Student peers & WSU students will gain a better understanding and empathy for dealing with challenged students 2. Participating students will experience positive feedback situations, improve in self-image and confidence, improve life skills through their participation in the competitive program. 1. Surveys completed by peers, mentors, teachers, and students where possible.1st competition begins on 1/17/14Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsLearningDevelop a Diversity Program Coordinator position with candidate in place by January 20141. Open position 2. Complete Search 3. Make an offer 4. Train new staff member 5. Transition Diversity Board to new advise 7. Remodel office space 1. Students will participate in the hiring process 2. Students will participate in the application review process 3. Students will understand how candidate selection occurs 4. Students will meet candidates and develop questions to determine fit with students 4. Students will understand the role of the new position as relates to their leadership positions 1. Position has been assigned to a candidate. 2. Programs are running smoothly New coordinator has been hired and begun assisting with the implementation of new programs, collaborating with SIL and other departments.Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsLearningThe Union staff will improve the professional environment and increase their knowledge, skills, and performance of quality customer service through implementing new appearance standards and training.1. Front Line Staff will wear approved Shepherd Union shirts on a daily basis to create cohesion and easily recognizable Information Center Staff. 2. Staff will attend training on customer serves topics along with Union and campus policies to increase awareness and knowledge. 3. Educate staff on clear expectations of University, and department, customer service policies 4. Update Shepherd Union employee manual and provide a copy to every Union employee. 1. Students will learn skills that can be used in future jobs such as communication, customer service, interpersonal relationships, problem solving. Students will become more effective and confident with their jobs and skills.1. Supervisors will monitor students’ actions and progress at various and unexpected times to evaluate proficiency and job knowledge 2. Supervisor will monitor that shirts are worn on a daily basis and appropriate appearance standards are meet. 3. Customer feedback 4. Results of mystery shopper data 1. Shirts have been purchased and distributed to staff, who are wearing them regularly. Makes staff easily identifiable and professional 2 & 3. Provides training session on Sept 19th that include customer service training, safety training and Union policies. Then on January 3rd provided Active shooter training which was offered to all Union Staff, including tenants of the union. 4. The Union Employee handbook was updated and distributed to the employees during the September training, and is provided to new employees during their training.Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsOtherInformation/Wildcard Center will implement an online process for the Wildcard Terms and Condition Forms. This will lead to a more sustainable environment by eliminating paper copies and storage space by using electronic forms and signatures, along with secure document tracking and storage.1. Work with Student Affairs IT to develop an online program to develop an efficient records management system. 2. Purchase electronic Tablets to use at the Information Center. 3. Wildcard Center to display the forms, capture signatures and store data 4. The staff will be trained on the new system so that proper procedures will be followed and have the knowledge to assist students with the online process 5. Work with the Audit Department to insure all procedures are approved. NA1. Process will be monitored by the supervisors on a monthly basis to insure implementation of the process, policies are being followed, and accuracy of the data storage.IT had near completed the online program, just a few remaining features to complete. The next step is to purchase the tablets.Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsOtherReview all cleaning process to promote sustainability1. Review new and existing products 2. Replace outdated procedures NA1. Utilize updates to industrial custodial standards to assess progress.All outdated products have been removed from use. Utilized a new environmental friend floor wax and ballroom sealant. Streamlined the holiday deep cleaning process and consolidated part time positions into one full time position.Enter Use of Result
Union OperationsOtherUnion Maintenance will implement sustainable practices in our operation.1. By using materials that are recognized as energy saving and environmentally friendly. For example: Using low VOC paint, and switching to LED lighting when fixtures need to be replaced 2. We will also recycle all old equipment and parts that are replaced. NA1. Evaluate each work order that is submitted to determine if we can use more sustainable methods to accomplish the work.1. Continue to switch out light bulbs and paint as funds and necessity allow. Estimated 40% complete with the transition. 2. Recycling of old equipment has commenced. Funds received from recycling are placed back in the Union Maintenance account.Enter Use of Result