Supplemental Instruction

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
OtherUse the resources available through the 50/50 program to add classes to the existing list of classes with SI.Work with the Career Services to establish at least two and up to four new SI positions with the help of the resources provided by the 50/50 program.NANumber of new positions with SI.Two SI leader positions have been established with 50/50 funds. They are both new positions in Math, one for 1030 and one for 1040.These positions will continue to exist in the department.
OtherDevelop a module on Ethics in CanvasWork with Online staff to upload a module on EthicsNACompletion of the projectThe module is finished and will be uploaded for use the following academic year.The module on Ethics will be utilized for training purposes during the following academic years.
LearningEncourage SI Leaders to develop an inclusive environment in all their sessions.1. Conduct one training session in diversity 2. Conduct one training session in different learning styles 3. Promote the sharing of experiences among SI participantsCultural Competence: SI particpants and SI LEaders will learn form each other's diverse backgrounds and expereinces.Supervisor observationsThe training sessions on learning styles and diversity were conducted in Spring semester. SI Leaders shared their experiences with diverse learners through out the semester. Observations showed that the majority of SI Leaders responded to the diversity in their participants by using different methods of conducting sessions.The training sessions on learning styles and diversity were conducted in Spring semester proved to be useful and will continue to be conducted the following academic year as well. The sharing of experiences gave SI Leaders a chance to learn from the other leaders and this practice will also be continued.