Student Involvement & Leadership

DepartmentInitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Clubs and OrganizationsCommunityIt is a goal of WSUSA C&O to increase the participation of cultural clubs on campus, and highlight the significant contributions these clubs and organizations make to the overall, diverse experience at WSU. Create opportunities specifically meant to showcase the cultural clubs on campus. Make sure cultural clubs have access to the materials and resources necessary for their success on campus. Collaborate with other departments, such as the Multicultural Student Center and the International Student Center, on events meant to support and promote our cultural clubs and organizations. Students will develop a better understand of what "diversity" means from all walks of life-- including various countries around the world, all of which, we have representation in our student body here at WSU. Students will gain a greater appreciation for the various contributions and unique qualities and characteristics of different cultures through the C&O here at WSU. Students will be able to recognize exactly how diverse and blended our campus community really is. After creating opportunities for cultural C&O to promote their organizations, recruit new members on campus, and showcase their unique missions as an organization- whether it be through Soup Days, Welcome Week Events, participation in the Club Carnival, etc.- we will then evaluate the success of these events based on how many cultural clubs participated, and what they felt they gained from these experiences-- i.e, increased membership, increased support from the larger campus, more recognition and positive exposure for the club, etc. Throughout the past 2 semesters (at least) I have recognized a greater presence of our cultural clubs on campus, and in their willingness to showcase their club to the campus community. I feel as though our cultural clubs have gained a sense of confidence in their organizations and in the significant role they play in making WSU diverse. Our cultural clubs have also developed a unique sense of pride that strengthens every year, thus leading to events and activities that are constantly increasing in popularity and achieving greater levels of success than years before. Enter Use of Result
Clubs and OrganizationsOtherIncease the use of CollegiateLink by all clubs and organizations.1) Through use of policy and education of clubs and organizations, CollegiateLink will become a focal point of club culture. 2) Provide incentive funding to promote the use of the website (i.e. awards for clubs who use the site the most). 3) Create a webmaster position for clubs and organizations that specifically oversees CollegiateLink.N/AContinuously monitor club registrations, requests, events, service hours, and participation in the on-line CollegiateLink community. As of 10/30/12, WSUSA Clubs and Organizations mandated on-line registrations for clubs and organizations at the beginning of the semester- thus increasing the number of clubs that are currently active online. N/A
Leadership ProgramsSelect ObjectiveDevelop Civitas into a premier campus program.Working with the steering committee, identify learning outcomes and long term pedagogy for the program.Student will be able to articulate and identify the means to being an actively engaged citizen.Assess civic engagement learning outcomes gained from training and participation in programs with campus-adopted rubric; compare number of students participating in these programs from previous years.10/25/12: Under Devlopment 3/8/13 Having been recognized at the national level, the CIVITAS program will continue on, encouraging Civic Engagement of our students.
Leadership ProgramsSelect ObjectiveEstablish Leadership Endowment to fund additional speakers and workshops for students.Working with Development, identify possible donors and reach out to cultivate positive relations in-which donations will be collected towards the establishment of a Leadership Endowment.1.) Selected students from the Leadership Team will be able to demonstrate a specific form of communication designed to cultivate donations. 2.) Selected students from the Leadership Team will be able to demonstrate a greater confidence in dealing with successful community and business partners.Two year goal of generating enough funds for the minimum $25,000 needed to establish an endowment. First year goal of reaching $15,000 towards the endowment through the Development Office. 10/25/12: Working with Development, have identified initial donor to help meet this goal. Donor participated in this year's Project Lead. 3/8/13: A list of possible donations has been developed and given to Development to help match giving opportunity to donors.3/8/13 This goal will be continued on to next year as a clearer plan is continually developed.
Leadership ProgramsSelect ObjectiveEstablish the National Student Citizen Initiative with the Provost's office.Working with the Political Science Department, College of Social Science, WSU Provosts office, and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, and identified national college partners, establish the foundational goals and means of the national initiative. 1.) Students will be able to articulate and demonstrate a sense of political efficacy and duty. 2.) Students will be able to demonstrate an established set of political skills as they engage with the political world. 3.) Students will be able to articulate and demonstrate the goals and pedagogies of the participating courses and programs, students’ perspectives on their experiences in the program, and the impact of these experiences on key dimensions of political development such as knowledge and understanding, active involvement, sense of political efficacy and identity, and skills of democratic participation.THe success of the Initiative for the first year will be the inclusion of it at the American Democracy Project National Conference in Denver, and full funding from American Association of State Colleges and Universities.10/25/12: Discussions have been ongoing with the National arm if the American Democracy Project to create this goal. 3/8/13: Program has been developed, and is being incorporated into this years national conference in Denver.6/4/13 The National Student Insinuative is being unveiled at this year' American Democracy Project National Conference in Denver.