Services for Students with Disabilities

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
AccessImprove SSD service delivery and availability by extending office hours and addressing space issues in office area.Open SSD office on Saturdays specifically for service delivery (Testing Accommodations). Adopt flexible staffing hours to provide optional evening coverage on request. Work with FM to develop plan for facility improvement.N/AGather/evaluate office usage during Saturday hours. Remodel plan finalized (Nov/Dec 2012).Usage data pending; Initial remodeling plan rejected.New remodeling plan will be developed and submitted to FM (Feb 2013).
AccessContinue to identify and develop on-campus partnerships with departments across campus.Identify two specific departments/programs to begin partnership [Completed: Developmental Math & Development Office/Career Services]; Specify type of partnerships (new program, committee, joint activity, etc.); Implement/EvaluateAppropriate learning outcomes will be dependent upon the type of partnership created.Two new partnerships/programs developed and implemented by Spring of 2012-2013.Career Services/Development: First WRP Event was held in October, followed by a successful week of WRP interviews for disabled students (40 interviews). Developmental Math: SSD has configured stations in our department to administer TERM/HUB exams and/or quizzes. Evaluations will take place at the end of the semester surveying students who have used this accommodation. We are working with Academic Services & Programs to address tutoring issues for disabled students in developmental math (discussions are only preliminary at this stage).WRP full evaluation pending as summer intern placements have not been identified (Jun 2013). Initial report from local employers suggest placements may be limited due to federal funding issues. Will meet with Career Services and other relevant stake-holders to determine if we continue with kick-off event or suspend this activity pending new funding for the program. Math Issues remains critical; request to meet with Dev Math and other stake-holders has been accepted; awaiting notification of appropriate meeting to attend.
AccessIn conjunction with the Hall Grant awarded to SSD this past Spring, SSD will oversee the successful implementation of a transition program for students with disabilities entering WSU out of the local area high schools.1) Assign one or more hourly employees to help facilitate the program [Summer 2012]; 2) Hire a student employee to serve as a mentor for the program [Fall 2012]; 3) Begin outreach and transition program [Fall 2012]Students participating in this program will learn self-advocacy and develop self-esteem by acquiring basic skills for success on the college level. [Intrapersonal Competence]Hourly employee(s) assigned to coordinate initial program details [Complete]; Hourly student employee hired by October 2012; Program implemented by May 2013.Hourly employee assigned to implement Hall Grant program; SSD hired two student hourly employees for outreach and Hall Grant program; Student Reps have met with Ogden High School. First outreach activities completed.Follow-up with outreach group to discuss remaining support needs and plan for 2013-2014.
AccessWork with ADA Coordinator and University Admin to conduct extensive self-evaluation of WSU as directed by Utah State Risk Management.Meet with Barry Gomberg (ADA Coordinator) and propose evaluation team (Oct/Nov 2012); Form evaluation team and train members (Jan 2013); Complete evaluation (Spring 2013).N/AAssessment methodology uncertain at this point. May require external site review which has been funded through FM.SSD Director met with ADA Coordinator and evaluation team members prepared (Nov 7). Follow-up meeting with FM; Campus is paying outside architectural consultants for facilities ADA review. Identifies critical problem areas related to public access and accessible routes (Nov).Critical problem areas have been addressed; immediate fixes made where possible. Will continue to liaison with FM to plan for remaining areas of need.
AccessImprove consistency of coverage and services provided at the Davis Campus.Immediately improve coverage at Davis by hiring an hourly intern; secure approval and funding for a full-time contract person to begin in 2013. Improve participation in Davis Campus programs and activities.N/ADisability Services coverage at Davis reflects general office hours for the campus. Staff person funded through E&G and/or Student Fees (Spring 2013); Position filled (Summer 2013).Disability services coverage is better than 40 hours per week including extended afternoon/evening hours; Administration has provided funding for contract staff. Davis student data ... 56 students; 950 interventions. Student headcount has doubled over two years; interventions show similar increase. Awarded funding from SFRC to provide student hourly employee support at Davis. Will fill positions in August.