Counseling and Psychological Services Center

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
AccessCPSC will demonstrate support for students utilizing the Davis Campus. (Division Goal: Davis)CPSC will increase the number of counseling hours available at Davis.N/AThe number of counseling hours provided at Davis in AY 2012-13 will exceed that of the previous year by at least 25%.In AY 2012-13, 109 counseling appointments were conducted at Davis Campus. In AY 2011-12, 83 counseling appointments were conducted at Davis Campus. This represents an increase of 31%.Because additional counseling hours made available at Davis Campus have been well-utilized, CPSC will continue to offer them at the present level.
OtherCPSC will assist students in alleviating depressive symptomatology.Effective therapeutic interventions will be provided for students seeking services at CPSC.Students receiving treatment at CPSC will demonstrate improved coping with symptoms of depression.Aggregate reliable change scores on repeated-measures CCAPS administrations will show clinically significant improvement on the Depression subscale in at least 25% of those cases eligible for calculation of this statistic.29% of CPSC clients whose baseline CCAPS scores on the Depression subscale were above the high cutoff and who were seen for at least 6 sessions showed reliable improvement. Reliable change was also evidenced in 21% of those with scores above the low cutoff who were seen for at least 6 sessions, 21% of those with scores above the high cutoff who were seen for at least 3 sessions, and 17% of those with scores above the low cutoff who were seen for at least 3 sessions. It should be noted that the statistical calculation of the Reliable Change Index (RCI) is currently under development and review by CCMH due to difficulties with implementation and interpretation. Nonetheless, these results demonstrate the effectiveness of our therapeutic work, particularly with more severe cases who engage in a greater number of sessions. Utilization of RCI data at both aggregate and individual levels has been helpful. We will continue to run such reports to assess effectiveness in various categories and on various subscales. Those counselors with above-average RCI percentages in certain categories may provide consultation to others.
CommunityCPSC will increase connections with the local mental health community. (Division Goal: Development)CPSC will host one CEU-bearing workshop to which local community providers will be invited. This event will increase familiarity and affinity with WSU and CPSC among potential donors.N/AAt least 10 community providers will attend the workshop. Denise Thielfoldt will be invited to greet providers, she will co-facilitate a CPSC tour, and she will be provided with an attendee list for follow-up. CPSC sponsored 2 CEU-bearing workshops for staff and local community providers during AY 2012-13. "Understanding and Responding to Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster" was presented by Dr. Richard Heaps on 8-17-12. A total of 81 mental health providers from communities across the state attended. Denise Thielfoldt provided a welcome, co-facilitated a tour of CPSC, and was provided with a participant list for follow-up contacts. "Breaking the Silence: Healing the Shame of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault" was presented by Jim Struve, LCSW, on 2-22-13 with 23 in attendance.Our experience in sponsoring 2 CEU-bearing workshops has provided important knowledge regarding the logistics of making such events happen. As needs and opportunities arise in the future, we will consider sponsoring additional workshops.
AccessCPSC will demonstrate support for LGBT students at WSU. (Division Goal: Diversity)CPSC staff will engage in various LGBT-related training, consultation, and service opportunities on campus and in the local community. Our involvement in these activities will serve to demonstrate our investment in and improve our effectiveness with LGBT student mental health issues. N/AAt least 20 CPSC staff hours will be dedicated toward LGBT-related training, consultation, and service in AY 2012-13.A total of 117 CPSC staff hours were dedicated to LGBT-related training, consultation, and service during AY 2012-13. These activities included service on the advisory boards of the Northern Utah Coalition and Ogden OUTreach, consultation regarding the LGBT Resources and Safe Zone programs, participation in the LGBTQ Youth Summit, Diversity Conference planning committee and presentations, and Trans 101/201 training. The investment of CPSC staff in effectively meeting the needs of LGBT students has been clearly demonstrated. We will continue to engage in training, consultation, and service to this community.