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SupportPromote greater levels of self-reliance and self-awareness among single mothers, and empower single mothers with new skills related to creating a a more stable and nurturing environment for themselves and their childrenSingle mothers will attend a series of 8 seminars addressing topics related to 1) self awareness and self-reliance, and 2) family and life stability. Single mothers will 1) identify, define and draft 4 goals and evaluate whether these goals are in agreement with their values and the objective of self-reliance and 2) learn skills enabeling them to make informed decisoins regarding dating, parenting, and money management.Students will 1) create a visual aid showing their goals and values and 2) be given a pre-course survey and a post-course opportunity to reflect on what they learned.12 single mothers participated in the Single Mom Success Forum. The topics included in the group were: Reflection participation, goal setting, financial management, parenting strategies, connecting to other single moms, community resources, dating, and relationships. See: "Assessment of Single Mom's Success Forum" attached.After considerable thought and discussion within the Student Programming Board, it was determined that it would be more beneficial to cancel future Single Mom Success Forms and instead, develop a Single Parent Conference in the summer. The conference would be open to campus and community; thus, increasing campus and community collaborations and, also, meeting the needs of more single parents. The conference would provide recruitment to WSU and support services information to enhance retention for students.
OpportunityCreate a Student Programming Board, which will include Women's Center staff, student staff and volunteers.Women's Center staff will be required to be a part of the Programming Board. Individuals who have received scholarships from the department will be encouraged to serve on the Board, as will volunteers. Recruitment of Student Programming Board members will be done via email to all individuals in the Women's Center data base, sign-up sheets at major events/programs and through marketing and advertising in key locations throughout campus.* Students will learn how to develop the skills necessary to create and implement programs. * Students will learn leadership skills through chairing various projects and/or programs. * Leadership skills will include: campus and/or community collaborations, budgeting, marketing and advertising, organization, time management and accountability.* There will be an ongoing tracking of the number of students who attend each Student Programming Board meeting. * Students will submit a proposed budget and an actual budget of expenditures to determine if they have stayed with budget. * Specific campus and/or community collaborations will be identified. * Students will complete a pre and post survey on what they hope to learn and what they have learned as a result of their leadership experience. The Student Programming Board became effective Fall Semester 2011. Students were provided with a "Event/Program Detail Form" which includes a proposed budget for programs and the actual budget. The form includes Student Learning Outcomes, collaborations, advertising and marketing and preparations tasks for each event.The use of the "Event/Program Detail Form" will continue each semester, as this helps to clarify budget, collaboration(s), student learning outcomes and tasks. The pre-post survey was not completed and will be implemented for Spring 2012.
EconomyEnhance scholarship funding for female students.Enhance the relationship with private donors who currently contribute funds for scholarships to the Women's Center with the collaborative efforts of the Development Office.Students will learn how to complete a thorough and meaningful scholarship application. Tracking the change in funding dollars, via the Development Office and the Scholarship Office.The donor of the Jane Breen Holmes Scholarship passed away this year, unexpectedly. Her family wanted to stop all future funding. As a result of multiple phone conversations with the Director of the Women's Center, the donor's husband has agreed, in writing to not only continue the scholarship, but to donate his annuity (upon his death) to the Jane Breen Holmes Scholarship fund. Additionally, a plot of ground has been secured on campus (with the approval of facilities), where the Holmes family has planted daffodils in honor of Jane Breen Holmes. A second donor Jean Anne Waterstradt, also, passed away this year. She has set up an endowment account; therefore, her scholarship will continue within the Women's Center. The Women's Center and the Development Office work closely in maintaining positive relationships with all donors.The Women's Center will actively work towards having all W.C. Scholarship recipients write letters of acknowledgement and gratitude to their donors each semester. This is to provide awareness and updates on all recipients to those who provide funding.
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