Services for Students with Disabilities

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
SupportProvide quality, professional services to students in a timely and effective manner.Train hourly staff to be effective and friendly; Professional staff will evaluate internal processes to be as effective as possible.Enter Student Learning OutcomeStudent Satisfaction survey will be available online and office personnel will actively encourage our students to participate; Hourly employees will participate in assessment program; Professional staff will meet to discuss problem areas and implement improvements.Satisfaction survey results continue to be positive (above 90% satisfaction). Potential problem areas have been identified.Improved intake process, including a pre-registration form and new student survey; problem areas reported by students will be addressed in future training.
OpportunitySSD will improve our ability to track demographic data internally to assess our student population in terms of ethnicity, gender, and types of disability.SSD will hire an individual (part-time) to serve various needs related to technology and data-management; SSD staff will refine our database and improve demographic tracking.Not applicable at this time.Review database and evaluate progress.We have reviewed our data gathering in house and identified problem areas.Our intake materials have been revised to include demographic data: ethnicity/race; international students; and gender. Our database will not track this info as well.
SupportBy engaging with SSD, students will develop a broader understanding of their disabilities and related limitations and incorporate strategies for self-advocacy and self-determination.SSD will use student intakes to increase the student's awareness of their disability issues and how this will impact academic goals; students will develop Critical Thinking skills to assess their own accommodation needs and understand limitations.Critical ThinkingFollow-up appointments to assess student progress (rubric); Peer group facilitator reports and focus groups; Critical Thinking addition to student survey.Enter ResultsSSD will hire student facilitator this spring (hourly position)
OpportunitySSD will implement an ongoing ADA training program and make it available to faculty, staff, and departments to increase our overall responsiveness to students with disabilities.Develop training program; begin providing training to departments and staff.Enter Student Learning OutcomeParticipants will evaluate the effectiveness following each training.Initial training session completed. Evaluation results follow. Presentation was useful/informative: 100% Basic understanding of ADA in Higher Ed: 97% Develop strategies for working with disabled students: 94% Increased understanding of the role of SSD: 97% SSD will begin offering this presentation to other departments across WSU.
CultureSSD will work with other programs, such as Theater Arts, to support community involvement at WSU by providing increased access for individuals with disabilities.Meet with programs providing cultural activities and performances to develop strategies for meeting accommodation and accessibility needs for our students. Going forward, SSD will identify other departments/programs for productive partnerships to enhance disability services across campus.Students with disabilities will be able to fully engage in all WSU activities; Non-disabled students, faculty and staff will develop a better understanding of accommodations and accessibility.Programs and individuals participating in this effort will be invited to participate in a focus group to evaluate the effectiveness.We have met with Performing Arts and have established an ongoing relationship with that program; Initial efforts are now being made to create partnerships with HPHP, Developmental Math, and others. We will begin developing our focus groups this year and likely evaluate our ongoing efforts once every two years.Working with Performing Arts, we have developed a logo as part of our advertising effort. We have also tentatively put in place a funding structure. An interim assessment of this partnership will be conducted this summer (or possibly in the fall, marking a full year).