Supplemental Instruction

InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
SupportPromote academic development of SI participants.SI leaders will be trained to prepare well for SI sessions and use innovative and challenging methods of disseminating course material in order to improve the critical thinking skills of participants.Critical Thinking: SI participants will demonstrate improved critical thinking skills.1. SI participant survey 2. Supervisor Observations 3. Grades of SI participants versus grades of non-participants 1. SI participant surveys: Of the 309 respondents 85% felt that SI Leaders used different techniques to help them understand the material well and 70% agreed that their critical thinking skills had improved. 2. Supervisor observations: The observations done early in the semester showed that 48% of the SI leaders were using different techniques to help develop the critical thinking skills of the participants. The observations done later in the semester revealed that 90% of the SI Leaders were taking the trouble of using different techniques to motivate participants to use their critical thinking skills. 3. Do not have data yetContinue to stress the importance of critical thinking skills in training sessions in order to improve the percentage of SI participants who report an improvement.
SupportImprove independent learning skills of SI participants.1. SI leaders will be trained in the use of Socratic method. 2. SI leaders will be trained to promote good study habits. Intrapersonal Competence: SI participants will demonstrate understanding of independent learning concepts.1. Supervisor observations 2. SI participant survey 1. Supervisor Observatons: 85% of the SI Leaders had excellent questioning skills to begin with. The percentage improved to 95% by the end of the semester. 2. SI Partipcant Survey: 69% of the 309 respondents felt that their study skills had improved. The emphasis placed on questioning skills did show good results nad needs to be continued. Training needs to be provided on improving the study habits of SI participants.
CultureFoster a diverse and inclusive environment. 1. Work with faculty members to hire SI Leaders from different backgrounds 2. Conduct one training session in diversity 3. Conduct one training session in the learning patterns of adult learners. 4. Conduct one training session in different learning styles.Cultural Competence: SI leaders and participants will be more aware of and learn from the diversity that exists within their group1. Supervisor observations 2. Number of SI Leaders from diverse backgrounds1. Supervisor Observations: A majority of the SI Leaders are not making an attempt to share the diversity that exists within their SI participants. 2. Number of SI Leaders from diverse backgrounds: The program was more successful in the Spring semester in hiring leaders from diverse backgrounds. 6 of the 28 SI Leaders were non-traditional students, two of the 28 SI Leaders were from Hispanic background, and 16 leaders were women.Reinforce the concept of sharing diverse experiences. Make a concerted effort to hire students from a variety of backgrounds.