InitiativesGoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
EngagementProvide 5 Higher Education Field Trips for our GU students to have an interactive campus experience. Students will have the opportunity to visit several Utah Colleges & Universities, meet with Student Leaders, tour campuses, hear about what makes each institution unique and visit Multicultural and/or Diversity Centers on campuses. Each Field trip will engage a different group of students in hopes to reach 50% of our cohort of 851 students.GU Advisors will plan field trips, provide sign up and permission sheets, track student attendance and implement.Students will become familiar with Utah Colleges and Universities and help expand their capacity to dream and imagine themselves in those settings; students will get to meet college students that may look like them or have similar backgrounds and learn how they have been able to set goals and achieve them; students will have the opportunity to see a classroom or hear of a program/major of interest to them.Students will maintain a journal throughout the year to record their thoughts and experiences. Advisors will discuss students experiences with them after each field trip.10/15: GU/WSU co-sponsored the "Expect the Great, African American College and Career Fair" at Salt Lake Community College. Several of our students and parents were able to attend and gather information for students and parents alike. The event was sponsored by Utah System of Higher Education. WSU has been asked to be the host Higher Education Institution for the 2012 Fair. 11/17: 55 GU Students made a visit to Utah State University for a campus visit. They were able to tour the Space Center and learn first hand of the student research projects that went into space, information on science and technology in general, and tour the campus. GU students also visited WSU, UofU, OWATC, and a Southern Utah College Tour to Snow, Dixie, & SUU. 161 students participated of which 108 were unduplicated. The students that attended these college visits were deeply impressed and began making plans to attend college including taking to family and friends about their experiences. These students will be integrated in the leadership teams at their perspective schools to support peer-to-peer engagement strategies.
OpportunityGU will develop a Parent Engagement Initiative that will include developing an Advisory Council at each site and/or working to enhance GU parent participation at existing Parent Councils. We will work with the schools to help ensure that their parent engagement strategies are culturally & linguistically relevant, are flexible, are parent led, and include information to support a "College Going Culture". This initiative will provide opportunities for parents to learn about higher education for themselves and how to support their child's goals including rigorous coursework, paying for college, financial literacy, admissions, resources and opportunities, etc.GU Advisors will participate in Back-to-School Nights, Parent Teacher Conferences, and utilize other parent contacts to recruit them to serve on the Parent Advisory Council-PAC. Advisors will plan meetings and assist parents in establishing a structure that works best for them. After meeting with all parents from all of the schools, we will access whether or not to have one collective PAC or have separate PACS for each school and have them meet quarterly as a collaborative.Studies show that engaged parents lead to more engaged students and increases in student learning outcomes including grades, attendance and positive classroom behavior. Students will get to see their parent's involvement at school as a positive and not a negative.Advisors will track parent involvement at GU and school based programs and activities. GU students will be asked to journal about these events.8/30-11/30/11: GU Advisors set up information tables at each school (Ogden, Ben Lomond, DaVinci & George Washington High) for "Back to School" Nights and Parent Teacher Conferences to meet and recruit parents to serve on a GU Parent Advisory Council. GU Advisors have made home visits, phone calls and other personal contacts at the SEOP meetings to recruit parents and encourage them to take part in the school's parent/student activities. Over 40 parents have expressed interest and/or signed up to participate on a Parent Council. A meeting has been planned for February 1st, in conjunction with WSU Welcome Week/Major Fest. This event will be utilized as a part of our "Parents to Higher Education" goal, to have parents come and experience a college campus firsthand. Parents will be invited to campus for the Major Fest and then we will meet with them as the Parent Advisory Council. GU Advisors held 19 different Parent/Family Night events throughout their schools to included College Readiness Workshops. Ogden High Hosted a Hispanic Family Night that brought over 150 attendees to learn about Concurrent Enrollment, the International Bachelorette IB Program, Advanced Placement/AP and more.GU experienced a steady increase in family/parent involvement all year long. We will continue to reach out to families and engage them as parent laisions to support our program. We will also share additional information to families/parents about how they can go back to school and continue their education and the resources that are available at WSU.
InquiryGU Advisors will conduct 2 student assessments (GU Student survey) and SEOP (education and career)with all of the GU students during the academic year. These assessments will help determine student's knowledge of pre-college planning and the SEOP represents a school based survey to determine student education and career interest and aptitude.GU Advisors will participate in the SEOP assessments at the schools GU Advisors will survey each student using the GU Student Survey GU Advisors will participate in the School testing (EXPLORE) or other identified assessment toolsStudents will gain a snapshot of where they are academically, what their career and occupational interest are, and what academic proficiencies are needed to support their higher education goals.Written Assessment: GU Student Survey, Student Education/Occupation Plan (SEOP), and EXPLORE Assessments where given.9/30/11: The GU Advisors worked with the High School Counselors to conduct SEOP's with all 10th grade students. The SEOP's were conducted throughout the month of September. 11/30/11: The GU Advisors conducted the GEAR UP Student Surveys. The Ogden School District is currently compiling/assessing the surveys. We should have the final report on the number of students that completed their surveys. To enhance participation by students, we offered incentives to the classes with the highest rate of completion. 1/09/12: EAO/GU is currently engaged in conversations with the University to administer the Accuplacer test, both Math and English, to our 10th grade cohort at Ogden High and Ben Lomond (approximately 800 students). This information can be used to support academic goal setting and attainment for students for graduation and post-secondary planning as well as providing baseline data to support a longitudinal review of post-secondary enrollment and the impact of our program interventions. 5/30/12: Advisors participated with counseling staff to support the SEOP process; Advisors were able to assist with some of the Spanish speaking families/parents that came to their school for appointments. The results of the MAPS & PLAN Test are being used to support course work and targeted interventions at each GU school. Results are also being used to support students that need to participate in Summer School for Credit Recovery and skill enrichment. The results are being used to help shape our WSU Summer Enrichment Academy curriculum, by including Math & English (Reading & Writing) workshops and tutors. The results from the GU Student and Parent Survey are being used by the Advisors to plan additional workshop presentations around college going culture, admissions, application process, and financial aid/literacy. These workshops and presentations are being offered during school and during our Summer Enrichment Academy.
CultureGU Advisors will infuse cultural and linguistic competencies throughout their programs, activities, and learning opportunities with students and provide opportunities for expressing and honoring culture and diversity.GU Advisors will become familiar with best practices around cultural and linguistic competencies in education and put these practices to use. GU Advisors will plan/support a cultural activity or club at their schools GU Advisors will serve as a resource to bring cultural groups together to learn and support each other and respect and honor each other. Students will gain a better understanding of cultural awareness and diversity Students will learn about people within their own cultures and how their have impacted their communities and the world Students will see the value of engaging with and honoring cultures different from their own Students will see how education has been and is valued in all cultures.GU Advisors will conduct pre and post test for targeted learning opportunities GU Advisors will assist students in planning an activity to honor and celebrate cultural awareness Students will maintain journals to share their thoughts GU Advisors and students will observe and share their perceptions on school racial/cultural climate throughout the year.8/25/11-12/30/11: GU Advisors have participated in several Professional Development opportunities to gain better understanding of culture and diversity including the ASPIRE (TRiO Regional Conference in SLC), the Utah NASPA (Student Affairs Professionals) conference at Westminister College in SL and on-campus SA presentations (Gender, Poverty, etc.). They attended the Northern Utah Gang Conference and African American College and Career Fair. GU Advisors have provided workshops and presentations on Mexican Ballet and African Drumming. 5/30/12: During our GU Summer Academy, students participated in several cultural arts workshops including the Spoken Word, Dance, and Chalk Art. They attended serveral convocations at WSU as well. Ogden High School GU has a Mexican Ballet that performs throughout the community; the GU students at all schools participated in the Frieda Art Exhibit/Arts in Education project and not only learned about the artist but also drew portraits, learned about becoming docents and volunteered as docents at the opening of the exhibit.Through their hands on experiences students and staff are becoming more knowledgeable of other cultures as well as their own; students are working and communicating across ethnic and racial lines with more ease. Our students are being tapped for leadership roles in the program and at their schools.
EngagementGU Advisors will work with students and school personnel to increase student reading and math proficiency levels. GU Advisors will work with students and parents to increase daily school attendance records.GU Advisors will develop a Reading Program at their schools. GU Advisors will develop incentive programs to support student achievement. GU Advisors will ensure tutoring resources are available and utilized by students.Students will increase reading levels. Students will increase math levels. Students will increase daily attendance levels. Students will gain the insight on the importance of reading skills and how this impacts all aspects of their lives.We will review end of level testing. We will conduct pre-and post assessments with activities. Students will journal about these experiences. GU Advisors will document informal conversations and observations with students, teachers, and counselors.9/1/11-current:WSU is supporting each school with academic tutors and mentors. There are approximately 40 WSU students that are in our program and working with these students. This number continues to increase. 10/1/11: GU Advisors were given a list of students with their current academic and attendence records. Advisors have begun working through the list to meet one-on-one with students and parents of those students with high absences and low grades. Home visit have been made to meet with parents. 10/30/11: Meet with principals to gain their support for GU Advisors to develop a Book/Literary Club at the schools. This request was met favorably and staff are currently working to put this program in place. 1/09/12: EAO/GU is working to have all 10th grade students at Ogden & Ben Lomond to take the Accuplacer Test for Math & Reading so that we can have accurate baseline data. 5/30/12: Students who are participating in the GEAR UP program are maintaining a passing grade point average, are attending school and are all on target for graduation. This is significant considering the demographic characterics of these students Date Grade Point Average Attendance 9/15/08 2.29 94.95% 9/30/09 2.68 96.47% 2/28/10 2.63 92.08% 3/23/11 3.27 98.38% 3/21/12 Not Reported Not Reported 5/30/12: Students at Ogden High took the MAPS Assessment Test. These results can be cross referenced with the ACT/PLAN test for 10th grade students. Students at Ben Lomond took the ACT/PLAN Test.Results are being used to support students that need to participate in Summer School for Credit Recovery and skill enrichment. The results are being used to help shape our WSU Summer Enrichment Academy curriculum, by including Math & English (Reading & Writing) workshops and tutors. The schools are using this data to provide small group interventions in Map and Reading. Reading and Geometry Clubs have been established at one of the schools; in-school and p.m. Tutoring is being provided in small groups and one-on-one.