Student Affairs Technology

GoalMeans of AchievingOutcomeMethods of AssessmentResultsResult Use
Draft common measurement tools for division learning outcomes (i.e., rubrics, survey questions)Meet with assessment committee to gather current tools available. Work to draft instruments. Disseminate to division for further feedback to refine instruments.Enter Student Learning OutcomeRubrics and survey questions designed and disseminated to each department for use. Also post on website.1/11/11: The Assessment Committee is in the process of discussing this; however, common tools have not yet been drafted. 5/23/2011: The Assessment Committee is in the process of finalizing survey questions and will begin work on rubrics at the next meeting.Hopefully, by the beginning of fall semester, rubrics and survey questions will be vetted through groups that have an integral part in measuring the learning outcomes, and the tools will be available for departmental use.
Work to add document upload component to online assessment website.Talk with Chip and assessment committee to discuss feasibility of and areas where we would like this feature.Enter Student Learning OutcomeDocument uploader created.1/11/11: Have not yet consulted with Chip. 6/2/2011: Will work with Chip over the next year to incorporate this item. As the 6 column model may still need to be edited for core themes and such, I will attempt to work with Chip on such a project at that time.With the revision of the annual report template and changes in the way university planning is conducted this past year, this will be incorporated into next years planning.
Increase technology desktop and application security for individuals and departments in division.Evaluate and rate each department and staff member for degrees of risk and take action to ensure that data will be secure.n/aEach staff/department that is seen as a possible security risk will have a complete evaluation and security audit. Implement the correct security software and hardware for entire division based on those apparent risks and need.1/11/11 - Audits on desktops are taking place when STAs visit staff for technical help. Recommendations are being made to the department heads to update there desktops based on needs/requirements.Working with the a campus wide committee, we have established a standards document for tracking technology security on campus. The STAs will follow these new guidelines and continue to report on areas with a "levels of risk" assessment.
Provide technology support and training for Student Affairs staff.Continue to enhance and incorporate the Student Technology Assistants (STA) for division. Student staff will be trained in new technology and services that will enable them to provide increased support for the staff of the division.STAs will be able to plan and incorporate one-on-one training and group training to staff employees based on evaluating common needs on technology knowledge witnessed during support calls.After each interaction, survey each staff member on the performance of the STA that helped them. After each job, supervisor will discuss any issues or praise that may have been indicated. Ongoing training and feedback from student workers will also be done to adapt and encourage student professional growth and knowledge.1/11/11 - The Student Voice survey has been unavailable due to a link issue in the email sent to the staff after a visit. We are in the process of fixing it so we can begin to get feedback again to evaluate the STAs.We will rework the assessment tool and questions to better establish a guiding point for development of the STA service. Ensure the survey is active and input is being received.
Create new portal applications that will better serve Student Affairs staff.Create a standard forms/documents clearing house for departments so we can be strive to be environmentally friendly with a paperless division.n/aRelease the new applications through the Student Affairs portal channel.1/11/11 - This has been put on hold due to priorities of other projects within the SA division and SAT.Will evaluate needs for the Division and plan a course of action to develop tools useful for the Division. Recognize the need to hire 2 more student programmers to help with new applications.
Increase availability of mobile computing applications that will increase customer service for division.Collaborate with various departments and divisions on campus to create mobile applications that faculty/staff/students can use to enhance their campus experience.Student programmers will be directly involved with the creation of these mobile applications and provided the forum to demonstrate their products.Complete testing center Chi Tester mobile application and release it to the University. Collaborate with the WSU Bookstore to complete their book ordering system. Begin development of the Union Building events app.1/11/11 - The WSU labs application has been ported to the Andriod and the bookstore app is finished and in production. ChiTester group is still working on their app - no completion date has been set.IT and the Web Management Committee is forming a mobile technology work group to collaborate with areas across campus to share resources and ideas for development. We will participate and use this committee to plan future apps.
Rewrite and update current Student Affairs websites to the web templates provided by University Communications.Evaluate each department's website; train staff to update the websites; design new websites as needed to refresh and update older pages. Develop a strategy to enhance and improve the division home page.Student web developers will plan and train SA staff on using the Content Manager and provide ongoing support for websites where needed.Each department will be transferred over to the new templates and updates to "freshen up" the information will be done. Departments falling behind on moving over their sites will be encouraged to do so before the end of Fall semester. Evaluations of all SA websites will be done over the course of each semester and feedback will be given to each department.1/11/11 - The web development position has been filled. Dani McKean will start Jan 24th and all website updates will continue. The web designer student worker has been able to update and continue development going while the position was vacant.The Division is planned to go live by Fall 2011. Work, planning and design will continue for the rest of the division pages. Continue to establish a working relationship with University Communications. Hire 3 student web programers to accelerate web development.
Conduct focus groups to disseminate survey data to faculty and staff (maybe students) to discuss areas of improvement and ideas for implementation.Look at survey schedule to determine areas who may be interested and discuss with assessment committee interested groups with which to hold focus groups.Enter Student Learning OutcomeFocus group notes.1/11/11: Will be presenting information at the Adjunct Faculty Retreat on Feb 5. Hopefully, this will spur interest. I anticipate being able to hold focus groups in March & April after more surveys have been completed. 6/2/2011: Because of the survey topics this year and how focused they were, we decided not to offer focus groups but will continue to collaborate with Adjunct and New Faculty events.Although this did not happen this year as the surveys were pretty specific, we have decided to complete an assessment handbook and look into the possibility of drafting an assessment newsletter to disseminate possibly on a 6 month rotation.
Hold annual focus groups with staff regarding overall assessment process improvements.Develop questions based on changes and improvements over the past year. Schedule focus groups.Enter Student Learning OutcomeFocus group notes.Have decided to hold Student Affairs Assessment focus groups every other year. This year, the Assessment Coordinator will meet individually with directors concerning their annual report and then again with their planning for 2011-12.Will discuss with directors in the 2011-12 academic year.
Conduct second year of student employee project and continue to assess effectiveness.Work to refine the role of the student employment committee. Revise learning outcomes. Administer pre and post tests (and evaluations). Analyze data. Make recommendations (with the help of the committee) for next year.All 19 outcomes are incorporated into project itself.Pre and Post Test, Supervisor EvaluationsPre-tests and initial supervisor evaluations have been administered. Currently working with year 3 committee on process. Post tests and post supervisor evals will be administered mid-March through the beginning of April.TBD. The benchmark for supervisor results is calculated, and student employee results are being processed.
In annual report, work to report out on achievement of division learning outcomes and areas of recommended improvement.Divide survey questions into division learning outcomes. Examine 6 column models to look for learning outcomes related to division learning outcomes and include in the report. Refine this process for next year (perhaps having departments select specific division learning outcomes when drafting departmental goals)Enter Student Learning OutcomeAnnual report division learning outcome summary template drafted (maybe not completed during the first year)With the revision of the university Core Themes and the work of the Assessment Committee to develop common measurement tools, this will be incorporated into the Core Theme Indicators next year under students benefitting from educational support services. Survey questions have been divided by learning outcome area, so this will be possible for next year.Will be incorporated into departmental and divisional planning for next year under the indicator relating to students benefitting from educational support services.
Work to refine cohort tracking process and to disseminate these data to departments in a timely manner.Develop new template. Work with IT to create new Crystal Report. Pull reports at the end of each semester for Sierra. Email to appropriate departments. Create summary doc at the end of each year.Enter Student Learning OutcomeCohort templates. Cohort summary doc created.1/11/11: Sierra worked to refine the template. New Crystal report has been designed, and Sierra is currently updating reports.Sierra has continually updated the cohort tracking process and template in addition to the activity waivers. She has worked with all departments to disseminate their cohort data. This will continue in the future.
Enter a goalEnter means of achieving goalEnter Student Learning OutcomeEnter Methods of AssessmentEnter ResultsEnter Use of Result
Educate the Division on new and useful technology to enhance servicesProvide technology workshops twice a semester in conjunction with the Staff Development Committee to train Student Affairs staff on using technology in their departments.Student workers will provide assistance in retreat focus groups and demonstrate communication and leadership skills.Evaluate and assess each workshop with pre and post questions about staff knowledge on the training subject. Gather those results and provide follow up training to those that have indicated needing it.1/11/11 - we have offered two workshops so far this year. One on web authoring/social networking and one on based on basic computer usage. The Web/social workshop was attended by 6 staff members and assessment was positive. The basic computer usage workshop was unattended.The need for technology training is desired/requested by the Division but sparsely attended. The need to advertise and encourage attendance is a focus this upcoming year.
Strive to create an environment to enhance student workers academic and personal success.Providing training and leadership opportunities during the course of the school year. Collaborate with other SA departments that have student workers by planning and attending beginning of the year retreat.Students will demonstrate cultural competency through their interactions with the various students using the open student computer labs.Pre and Post training evaluations during each semester to encourage student attendance to training and workshops. Provide feedback to all student workers based on their evaluations and adapt the training accordingly.1/11/11 - Based on feedback from lab aides, the annual training was scheduled for one day, with particular emphasis on training aides in job-specific responsibilities. Through supervisor evaluations it has been observed that lab aides have been more receptive in understanding and appreciating cultures different from themselves and have found to be taking part in culturally diverse activities outside of the work environment.We will continue to work with the student employment committee and provide important training. Enhancement and fine tuning of the training opportunities for the student aides will continue.