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Marquee Request Form

General rules:

  1. The Marquee Editing Board retains the ability to approve, edit or reject submitted requests.
  2. Message Requests must be submitted no later than 3 working days prior to the posting of the event.
  3. Events held off-campus will NOT be published on the Campus Marquee, only events held on campus.
  4. Please do not use abbreviations; the community may not understand them.
  5. The marquee on Harrison is intended for the external community (traveling public) and the marquee by the Union is intended for internal members of our campus community (foot traffic).

* Please provide the following information.

Contact Information
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Organization/Department: *

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Phone: *


Date of Marquee Use:
*** Messages will not be posted earlier than 10 days prior to the event. ***

Beginning Date*
Ending Date*
Marquee Message

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